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Mind is a wonderful gift of nature. Our spine and our physical brain are its instruments. Medical Science is still unable to find some of the secrets about it. Meditation and Yoga are the great discoveries gifted to us by our sages. Various Gurus have made millions of dollars by teaching yoga and meditation. Meditation and Yoga’s basic principle is based on Spiritual Science which was needed to expose but we have been made blind followers because they have branded this science and sold to us.

The world’s largest population suffers from depression, poverty, disease, anxiety, anger, obsession and ego. The main aspirations of human life are health, wealth, intellectualism, sociality and spirituality. Spiritual science solves all these human problems and aspirations. The sooner we embrace spirituality, the sooner we can make our life easy, happy and successful. But most of the People think that these things need to be done in old age and they are deprived of a tremendous thing in their life.

Our Main motive to publish this website is to make aware people about this secret knowledge. We have covered Great secrets of Mind Science, Meditation and Yoga in following BLOGS.


The mind has a connection with cosmos. It has crores of Neuron Cells that performs automated tasks 24 hours. Mind’s secrets have been unlocked now. It is a great Servant but dangerous Master. Unwanted thoughts are like a computer virus for our mind which intervenes in its thought process and gives it an unnecessary task to do.


Yoga is a great gift of Ancient Indian sages to the World. It is an addition of our eternal power. It conditions and refreshes to our Conscious and subconscious mind. How Yoga acts on our eternal power and energy chakras please read all BLOGS.


Meditation is the ultimate process of our mind discovered by our Sages. meditation is the only act to do which solves our all problem related to health, wealth, social and spiritual. It rejuvenates and enhances our eternal power. It opens our doors to the cosmic world and helps to boost our mind power.

Practice Meditation.

You Will find that you are carrying the portable paradise within your Heart.

Parmahansa Yogananda

Don’t Overthink,

Overthinking leads into negative thought

Swami Vivekananda

Anapana Meditation Practice By : S N Goenka Ji

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  1. I agree with much of what you say. It is something intend to write about more extensively in the future.…