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The Mind Science

Whenever we talk to someone about meditation or spirituality, “No it is not the time for these all things. First let enjoy life, when age will come then will think about it” This is common thinking we get in reply. Actually, Most people are unaware of it, which everyone should know to live a happy and focused life. Without knowing mind science, we carry a mountain of sorrow throughout our life and cursing fate. If we understand the working of the mind and it’s Power, we can get the results we want.

Most of the people connect spirituality with religion. Both roots are connected to the divine power but both are separate. It is not necessary to perform religious rituals to be spiritual. But Our Subject is Spirituality so it needs to focus on spirituality. Mind science is a basic part of spirituality. How our mind works, it is very important to understand it’s basic.

Our mind is our best servant. It works as per our wish. But it is a dangerous master if we started to work as per our mind. 

The Conscious and Subconscious Mind

The human mind has two sections, one is the conscious mind and another is subconscious. A conscious section is only 10 % while the 90 % part is Subconscious. The conscious mind works as per our five senses i.e. touch, hearing, sight, smell and taste. Whatever we do are decided by our conscious mind.

A normal human uses only  1 or 5 % of it. A Scientist hardly uses 6 to 7 %. Suppose our 90% Part is awakened. What can we do? Whatever we think, whatever we see, whatever we plan every action of our conscious mind is sent to our subconscious mind. Subconscious mind is very powerful.


Conscious Mind’s Functions

  • Awareness
  • Sensation
  • feeling
  • Decision
  • Will Power
  • Logical power
  • Short memory
  • Thoughts
  • Planning

Subconscious Mind’s Functions

  • Emotions
  • Habits
  • Permanent Memory
  • Automatic Programs
  • Body Function
  • Execution
  • Cosmic Connection
  • Sacraments
  • Implementation

How Conscious and Subconscious Mind works?

The conscious mind has the power to make decisions. Our planning is decided by Conscious Mind. Our thoughts act like a seed. We sow seeds in the ground to grow a tree. Our subconscious mind is like the ground. Like a seed sown in the ground, it magnetizes every element like nitrogen, water and all the necessary elements to become a tree. In the same way, when a thought is sown in the subconscious mind, whatever it needs to accomplish that thought, it attracts towards it.

Let’s take a daily life example, We start to ride a bicycle initially, we take care not to bump into anything but we forget to paddle. Suddenly we want to stop the bicycle. We try to pull handle instead of taking a break. Means if we keep attention on Handle, We lose it on the paddle.

Riding Bicycle gradually practicing it daily gets into the Subconscious mind. Once it gets into Subconscious mind, we need not remember it every time. We pick the bicycle, ride it automatically whether we are singing, looking here and there, thinking anything.

We need not pay attention to any process. It works as we feed a batch command in an automated production house where everything happens automatically from raw material to packaging.

Suppose what if you are said to pump to your lungs and heart. You can’t do a single task for 24 hours. Our Subconscious mind controls crore of processes every second within our body.

Thoughts, habits and activities performed by our conscious minds get into our Subconscious mind and it has to execute them accordingly. The Subconscious mind is an infinite capacity hard disk where visual of every second from our life is saved. Not only this, recording of every birth taken by your soul takes place in the subconscious mind.

Your physical brain is not your conscious or subconscious mind. Your brain is only the instrument and your senses are the windows to this physical world. It is beyond your physical body. 

It is the root through which you are connected to the existence, the cosmic power. We will cover this in another blog.

Here the conclusion is that our Conscious mind works on the base of our senses. Every thought is a seed and subconscious mind is a ground. Our thought are sown to the subconscious mind. Every Situation is a result of the thought we have sown in the past. The sorrow we carry is the result of the garbage of our waste thinking.

The Resistance

Everyone is well familiar with the computer. Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone in his hand which is itself a computer. You will be well known about computer viruses which are garbage for its Software. The system written by its manufacturer was working fine but after getting infected its working becomes hang and it started to work in an unexpected way. We get installed antivirus in the device and removes the virus.

Our Mind is also a computer. Rather a supercomputer. No, this is not enough, it is beyond of supercomputer. Unwanted thoughts, destructive thoughts and negative thought works like a virus or even more. It disrupts the functioning of our subconscious mind and the eternal software installed by the God which operates our all organs.

The Impression

Our Subconscious mind has to work as per command inserted by the conscious mind. Everyone is aware of Microsoft Windows. All the application software are installed on it. You insert a command to create a new file and you get a file created. You type a delete command.

Windows has to work on the command you inserted whether you have typed it by mistake. It will delete the file whether it is too Important. It will not stop you to do so that this file is very important for you. Windows has to work on the command you inserted.

Likewise, the Subconscious mind has no decision power. The conscious mind has all logical, decision power. The subconscious mind has to work on the thoughts, commands, habits and orders given by Conscious mind. It does not know which thought is constructive and which is destructive.

You should know which thought can be destructive for you. Normally we get flooded with unwanted thoughts. Negative thoughts always surround us. The subconscious mind has to work on it. 

The Great Manager

You plan to go to Mumbai the next morning and go to bed early to sleep thinking about the journey. As you sleep, your conscious mind becomes calm and the subconscious mind starts to become awakened. Our subconscious mind is most powerful at the time of sleeping when the conscious mind becomes calm.

The whole night it manages to make our journey completed. Through which transport and which way you have to go. Where to stay, Which opportunity is waiting for you. It manages all the things. It is the best manager.

It does something everything for us. While we sleep. Our conscious mind is calm then it performs all its work. It works on our thoughts. This is a great example. Many times we have to get up early in the morning. And we sleep thinking that I have to get up at 4 in the morning. This command goes into the subconscious mind. We go to sleep But it works continuously for us. And of course, your sleep opens at exactly 4 o’clock. The amazing thing is that not even 1 second is here or there.

A lot of Motivator, Dharma Gurus and preacher say to think positive. How Positive thinking converts into positive results?

Why We should think positive?

One day I asked my daughter about who is the most excellent and topper student in her class. She replied that Prachi is the top student. I said Why you not? Start to think, to imagine with the acceptance that I am the most excellent, topper student in my school. Till then you will recognize Prachi as the topper, you will never become Topper and will remain secondary. It should be in your practice. After some time this thought will go into deep layers of your subconscious mind. You have to convince your subconscious that you are the topper and it will be started to create such conditions that you will be the Topper.

If you want everything positive you have to start productive, creative and result-oriented thoughts. If you want to become an officer. First, you have to convince your subconscious that you are going to become an officer. You have to dream it every time.

You have to insert this thought into the inner and deeper layer of your Subconscious mind. Once the seed of your thought is sown into the ground of subconscious, it will start to manage all the opportunity, situation, contacts and everything, which is needed to grow the tree of your dream to become an officer.

A very work-age boy who was not even passed to perfect eighth class. Delhi came to my office to work as a lineman. He did not even know how to properly hold the telephone receiver. It is a matter of 2005. Now he is a millionaire. One of the largest Internet service provider in North India. He has an office of 3 crores. Owns a Fortuner Car.

He is owner of a lot of property. He runs a laptop like a big programmer. And has a lot of technical knowledge. There are many such success stories. Why poor is poor because he is mentally poor. He would accept that he had to labor for a lifetime.

Do not forget to read my upcoming blog named The Result oriented dream weaving.”

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Degaindra Kumar

I am a System analyst and has worked with many Universities. I am a Positive thinker, motivator, Blogger and has been engaged with various Spiritual Institutions. I am less religious but believes in spirituality. I have greate interest in Political and Technological subjects.

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