How to Weave Dreams to come True?

Dream Your Success
Dream your Success

The dreams come true of those who weave them. There is a difference between dreaming and dream weaving. Dreams, which come naturally, does not have enough meaning but Dreams weaved by us creates a base for things to happen in our life.

A Girl goes to a mall. She steps down as soon as her eyes fell on a beautiful necklace. It was hard to control her passion for that necklace. But next second she becomes nervous and turn back that she does not have enough money to buy it.

After moving some steps, she twisted back with fast steps towards that necklace and said “Oh beautiful necklace you have made only for me. I will come back and definitely buy you”. She was not able to forget the necklace and the necklace was getting into her subconscious.

One day, her boyfriend planed for dinner at the same mall. When they were walking through the mall. Suddenly her boyfriend saw the same necklace and insisted her to go into that showroom and said to her “see the necklace,  how beautiful is this, I want to buy it for you”. He bought the necklace and gifted her.. 

How dreams are processed by our Mind?

If once a thought has been got into the subconscious mind’s deep layers. It starts to work immediately on that. It manages itself how it will be accomplished. But there should be no wrong commitment and contradiction. It manages itself how it will be accomplished. But there should be no wrong commitment and contradiction. Sometimes it does a great job.

People think that hard work is the key to success. I agree that hard work helps us to go forward. But we see such people are around us, who do not do enough physical work and enjoying a prosperous life. If only hard work would achieve the success, then a laborer who sweats all day in the scorching sun would be the wealthiest in the world.

Poor is poor due to his mentality. He has been accepted that he has to do the LABOR  work and now it is his fate. they do not think beyond this. And who thinks beyond, becomes a supervisor and then a contractor and so on step-up climbing the ladder of success. 


A 16-year-old village lad, Who has not passed even 8th schooling. He came to my office to work as a lineman for laying telephone cable in 2000.  I was running a telephone exchange in Delhi.

He does not know even how to hold the telephone receiver.  After some time he called more laborers from his village and he becomes a contractor. Thereafter he started to supply telephone exchange equipment, telephone cables etc.

Years after he has taken license to run a telephone exchange and installed a telephone exchange. And now he is a big Internet service provider in North India. Owns a Fortuner car and made many properties worth in crores.

Today’s he is planning for the hotel business. 

Some people always blame fate. It does not cost to think beyond. Always think big. Leave negative thought as old cloths it will never allow you to think beyond. Negative thought always pulls you down and never let you go forward. 

weave your dream yourself
Weave your Dream Yourself

Why Weave the dream? 

Actually, our brain dreams 24 hours. It comes not only at night while sleeping, but also in the awakened state. Dreams in the awakened state are not apparent due to light like stars. Stars are available 24 hours a day and night. But at night, they appear due to darkness and in the daytime due to light. But you cannot say that they are not present in the day. Dreaming is its nature. Dreams can’t stop coming.

Our brain is very powerful. It can create an image and visual. Which we have never imagined. As we concentrate at the middle point between both eyes, which is called the third eye. After some time, we started to see round and round circles. And as we go into deep meditation,

we see a cinema-like screen, on which suddenly we see the scene beyond our thought. It also happens in the open eye when we are lost in deep meditation. Scientists are unable to find the screen in the brain where these scenes get reflected.

Dream your success

If once a thought has been got into the subconscious mind’s deep layers. It starts to work immediately on that. It manages how it will be accomplished. But there should be no wrong commitment and contradiction. Sometimes it does a great job.

Seeing dreams does not cost money. Always Dream Big. Actually, our mind processes the images and visuals easily than text. A little child, when he starts to go to school initially. He is taught by showing pictures, such as A for Apple, B for Banana, C for Cat and so on. Thereafter gradually we start to teach him to associate alphabet with the image. As alphabet gets into his subconscious mind, we remove images from the lesson.

Everyone has a dream about his future. Whatever we want in our life. It is not that dream does not fulfill. It happens. The President of China becomes from a laborer to the president. But it was not a process of a day.

This was a long process, which was happening continuously. Some people say that “I want to become the president of The USA. Will I become by dreaming?” Never? Now you will say that then why I am wasting time on this topic. It may happen, Barack Obama was from African origin and become the President of America.


To get such a big Dream you to need to do a lot of. Nothing will happen Dreaming in the bed only. It will create an opportunity for you and you have to identify and pick the right step and right time.

Your subconscious mind will provide the opportunity to move toward that direction. This is a long process but not impossible. Your Dream should be Justified. It is not possible if you think that “I want to go on the moon directly”.

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When You weave the dream there should be an acceptance. Feel it that it is happening. Relax your body and mind and dream, visualize that what you want to happen it feasible. There should be an affirmation.

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby
Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (1802-1866)

Our mind works on the principle of attraction. This law was discovered in the 19th century by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, who was a clock maker, mantlist and mesmerist. Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.

His belief is based on the ideas that people and their thoughts are made from pure energy, and that a process of like energy attracting like energy exists through which a person can improve their health, wealth, and personal relationships.

After that many psychologists and intellectuals wrote a lot about it. The Law of Attraction says that whatever we dream with acceptance, with an affirmation, our subconscious starts working on it. But this will not happen at once. For that, you have to knit it continuously. You have to imagine your dream.

If you want to become a doctor in life. You have to live the doctor in your imagination. Imagine yourself in a doctor’s dress and realize that it is happening. This idea is printed on our inner self. Like seeds, it is sown in the depths of our subconscious mind. And it takes to complete it.

Law of attraction has various dimensions but here we are talking about dream weaving to get the results according to our wish.


The Art of dreaming

Dream weaving means we have to insert our dream into deep layers of the subconscious mind with passion and acceptance. It will not happen in one day. It requires regular practice and patience. We learn to play the guitar. It can not be learned in a day. It requires regular practice i.e. Action in that direction. and How much time it will take it depends on your affirmation and how strong is your passion for that. Gradually it goes into a deep layer of the subconscious. Thereafter you need not pay much attention. Your subconscious mind plays it automatically.

Like the guitar, Dream also requires regular practice. When we should do this practice, and what are effective ways?

Write your base sentence

As per Dr. Josheph Murphy, the great psychologist, Create a base sentence and write it on a paper.

With the divine power of my subconscious mind, I am constantly progressing towards success. Success is kissing my step. Unlimited money is flowing to me through unlimited ways. The amount of money I spend, coming back to me 1000 times. I am getting healthy and wealthy day by day. I thank the divine power, whose blessings are making all this happen.

This affirmation can be written in your own words as per your dream. Keep it always in your pocket. Read it five to ten times in the day, feel that it is happening. After some time, you will start feeling attached to these sentences.

We will start getting these sentences from ourselves. Gradually, these sentences will descend into our subconscious, just as we learn to ride bicycle with regular practice. As soon as it gets down into the depths of our subconscious mind, the subconscious mind starts working on it. And it does everything possible to complete our thought.

The best time for dream weaving

Our Subconscious mind does its work when our conscious mind becomes calm. There are two times, when it Our Subconscious mind does its work when our conscious mind sleeps. There are two times when it is most powerful.

The time, when we go to sleep in the night and start to sleep. The state of half-sleep. Our conscious mind starts to sleep and our subconscious mind starts to awaken. We should asleep by the thought of the base sentence. Go to sleep repeating your base sentence. We can visualize our affirmation what we want to achieve or become.

This is one of the perfect time for dream weaving. We will be sleeping and throughout the night our subconscious mind will work on it. It will arrange every opportunity, circumstance and relations so that our dream come true.

The second time, When our subconscious remains most powerful. Rather say that this is the best time when our subconscious mind is the most powerful. Brahma Muhurta i.e. between 3 to 5.30 AM early in the morning.

This time has been described as the best time in Hindu scriptures, whether for meditation or yoga. Even if you do nothing, you should wake up at this time.

When we wake up in the morning, our mind is devoid of thought and the body completely relaxes. As soon as our eye opens and we are in a state of semi-sleep. This time is the best time for dream weaving.

We should repeat our base sentence with acceptance in our thoughts. Our thought goes into the depth of the subconscious mind.

See your Results accomplishing

You want to become a Pilot, affix related images on just front wall of your bed. Imagine and realize yourself in those pictures and asleep doing so. Whatever you want to be, whatever you want to achieve, collect related images and affix them on the wall or see them at the time you go to sleep.

Soon you will feel connected with them. You will feel them your own. Collect related videos concerned to your dream and watch them regular basis whenever you have spare time. Relax your body and mind and feel that this is that you want. Put yourself in that visuals and feel connected.

Weave the Dream and get them accomplished

You do not go to shopping malls or market because of lack of money in shopping malls. Sometimes, we should go to various showrooms and see the products you are passionate about. It gives exposure to our brain and new impression is reflected on your brain. But the thought that “I don’t have the money to buy them” should not come to our mind.

I will definitely buy them, we should return to the home. You should discuss to the family members about those products and visualize them in the mind. It helps to get them into the subconscious mind and one day, your dream will definitely come true.

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