What is Spirituality?

There is a powerhouse and electric supply is made to us for our electric equipment. We do not have concern how and through which sources it is being produced and through which routs it is being supplied. Multiple kinds of equipment become alive as current comes and becomes useless as current goes.

We consume air and water to remain alive. The whole atmosphere of the earth is one. We are connected with the air exists in every dot of the earth’s single air chamber. We open a water tap to use the water.

We drink a glass of water. Water moves throughout the whole world. The water we have drunk maybe in America before one month. Means our water tab is connected to the whole water system which is one through to globe.

Earth’s every particle is connected to each other. The crust where I am standing is connected to the Earth’s every particle is connected to each other. The crust where I am standing is connected to the crust with any of country whether how Many boundaries made between the countries.

Each person is connected to each other through cosmic power, nature whether there are so many differences between us. We all are connected to the existence and getting life energy from divine power which is one. It could not be different for the different person but it depends on us, we may get it more by our efforts. 

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We see a tree and love its fruits, leaves and beauty. Its root is within the earth through which it is receiving life energy and is connected with nature, existence. We came into this world and are living as we want.

Do we ever try to know where we are getting life energy from? Everyone has a center. Who is our focal point? We have to find our roots. If we don’t know, We will feel rootless. You will not be able to connect yourself to this world. To know about your center, to know oneself, to know about your source of life, to connect oneself to existence is spirituality. To become inclusive with divine power is spirituality.

Spirituality is the awakening of supernatural powers inside you.

What is Meditation?

In very simple word, Meditation is the tuning of our mind. It aligns our internal nervous system. It rejuvenates our eternal power and establishes the connection with the cosmos, the supernatural power.

Meditation Chart

Let us take the example of a radio set. The universe has many frequencies. We want to connect to a particular station, we want to tune our radio set with a particular frequency. We rotate the tuner of our radio set, and we can listen to the station as we wish. Meditation is the way to tune with cosmic power.

Meditation tunes our mind. This stops unwanted thoughts from coming. It acts as an antivirus for our subconscious mind. It helps us to be centered and focused on our lives. It takes us further towards spirituality.

We get such a pleasure from which we do not want to come out. It is a different kind of enjoyment. We feel connected with nature. We get the state of self-realization.

 See the above chart, which is divided into four sections a, b, c and d. The X-axis is the timeline, means it is present time. It is passing seconds by seconds. If it has been passed even one second, becomes our past. If we think about the coming seconds, it is our future. And current time which can not be measured in seconds, it is in a millisecond. Our unwanted thought has shown as thought frequency.

By regular practice, our unwanted thought becomes lessen, and our mind starts to tune with Timeline. Point M is the position of emptiness (soonya). This is a line if we go beyond this, we enter into the subconscious.

Power of Meditation

We all know about atomic power. An atom which is even smaller than the Needle tip. An atom seems very idle. Atoms consist of three basic particles: protons, electrons, and neutrons. It has a center in which protons & neutrons located within the nucleus and has multiple orbits where electrons revolve continuously. It has too much energy within when it’s nucleus breaks,  it releases too much energy. Everything in this universe is made of energy even this earth, sun and all planets.

Today’s Scientist is assuming that there is another particle also lies within the nucleus. They are experimenting on it in a large underground tunnel.

The outer most layer is idle and as we enter towards the inner layer, we move toward the more energy.  When we do the meditation, as per chart we move towards point M. This is the point, it is the subconscious world beyond this. As we tune our mind with the point, we get in contact with the cosmic energy.

The divine power starts to provide more charges to us and our all obstacles which exist in our life starts to be away. This is the point beyond this we enter into the subconscious and this is the spiritual world. We start our spiritual journey from here.

Suppose you are given a lot of energy supplement to eat by which you can become a wrestler. But you are not allowed to sleep for some days. What will happen? You will be started to become Down after someday and need to be admitted in the hospital to Consult with mind doctor. Why we become down if we are not let to sleep?

Cosmic Energy

The Cosmic Power

Cosmic energy is raining 24 hours from the cosmos. Everything the being recharged by this energy even earth, sun and other planets.  While we asleep get recharged by cosmic energy through our top head point where all the energy carrier vans joints and carry energy to all the parts of the body. In sleeping when our conscious mind becomes calm, our body starts to get recharge. It is our charging state. 

Meditation is a great discovery. When we meditate, we start to get in connection with the cosmic energy directly. It is like a mobile phone we want to get charge and we connect it to the electric point. Meditation gives us immediate charge through our charging point.

This is the reason we see a different kind of shining on the face of such people who do the meditation regularly. We have seen that the people who do the meditation need not to asleep. They fulfill their energy needs by meditation. We have listened about such sages who do not take even any meal to get energy. They get energy through meditation. 

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