Love – Whenever we hear this word, we think about Kama. Love between the opposite sex. In the context of spirituality, love means attaching oneself to everything and everyone. Love should be our nature. Many times we angrily smash utensils or any non-living thing. We treat inanimate objects as if they are alive. This usually happens when we are angry. We break our mobile phone or anything. In this way, we try to cover our anger. Many times we do our lot and regret it later.

Frustration Leads to Distraction

A friend of mine worked on a news channel at a very junior level. He was jealous of his colleagues. He thought that he deserved more than them.

He abused everyone after coming home.

One day, he slammed the chair in anger and started abusing to his boss and companions.

I told him, you should mistreat them in the office. Why are you abusing them when they are not here? What is the fault of chair in this?

Let’s apologize to the chair.

He said why should I apologize to the chair. Is it alive?

I said, but you have behaved as if it is alive, you have to apologize any how. Well he apologized to the chair.

His mind immediately began to calm down. After few minute he became completely calm and realize his fault.

It is human nature that we always blame others for our failure.

We get distracted to the others.

Unconditional love

We all have a concern with each other. There is a selfishness between our relations. Parents love their child they think he will be their survival after growing up. Husband and wife love each other for selfishness. Boss show love to his employee till he is beneficial for him. In every relation there is selfishness.

Unconditional love is that we do not have hidden desires. It can be called compassion also. We do not expect anything in return. It can be possible only if our nature is love. We love everything in this world. And this is possible only if we leave all kinds of jealousy., anger, hate, revenge, and all negative properties. We also can say that if we learn unconditional love, all the negative things left itself.

“Be sensitive for others but never expect it in return” 

Law of Action’s Reaction

This is a universal truth or we can say it a universal rule. Everything in this world is made of energy. One day everything will break into energy. Which type of vibration we emit, same we receive in return. If someone mistakes and we scold on it.

We emit a different kind of negative vibrations. Someone who is scolded by us either will fear or will give a reaction. In both cases, he will emit strong negative vibration in return. It always happens.

A dog understands love when we show our love. He replies to us in return by moving his tail. This means we have emitted vibration of love and get love in return. If we scold the dog either will be scared or will bark on us with anger. But both reaction is negative. This is an action that we can see.

Vibration or returned energy we can not see but it harms us definitely.

A boss abuses his employees. He can never receive respect from his workers. It may be due to the job that the employees respects him, but there can never be respect for him in their heart.

You cannot buy honor for money. Respect is earned from your behavior. The boss scolds his employee once but he will always abuse him whenever he sees him. He has to work so he is helpless but in return he emits manifold negative energy.

If the boss behaves well with his employee, then the employee will give better performance and also respect his boss and the best thing is that both positive energies can be saved.

We have to be away from negative energy and have to accumulate positive energy. To be spiritual we need to collect positive energy. Negative energies will never let us go towards Spirituality.

Unconditional love means we don’t care what will we get in return. We spread mercy, happiness, compassion, and attachment. Whatever we spread, we receive in return? Accept everyone as it is.

We want people with as per we wish. We want to accept people with changes. We seek happiness in others. If they will act as per wish we will be happy. This is a wrong perspective.

Unconditional love means we have not to condition to satisfy ourselves. Actually, love should be our nature and it takes a regular effort. An angry man can never be a lover. His face is different.

Anger is his nature. If love becomes our nature, it is our first step towards Spirituality.

The Final Statement

We have to be away from negative energy and have to accumulate positive energy. To be spiritual we need to collect positive energy. Negative energies will never let us go towards Spirituality. We have to spread love. And we get everything itself. We need not to expect anything.