The thought process is a very important process in human life. It happens every second in the Mind. The mind can not remain idle. Coming thought is it’s nature. But it can be controlled. The mind thinks either about the past or future. It hardly remains in the present. The people who think about their past are a large percentage in comparison to the people who think about the future.

It is very dangerous for us to live in the Past. It is good for health and future to forget past incidents as early as possible. Because of the negative Incidents strikes again and again on our mind. It bulges to us to take revenge, to hate, to separate. You can’t recall back even a single second which has just passed.

Some of the people always worry about their future. It is good to imagine for the better of the future, to plan for the future creates ways for our future. But people who always worry about the future creates an obstacle in their mind. It produces fear, insecurity, and uncertainty for the future.

They are happy in the present but worrying future they recall the problem for themselves. The bad seed never can give a healthy tree. This works as per subconscious mind principles. Which kind of thought we keep in our mind the same kind of circumstances stands up before us.

It needs to understand how our thoughts are processed in our minds. How it reacts to our different kinds of thought. Positive thoughts, habits and activities always give a positive result. It needs to focus on the thoughts and habits which harm us. We can better understand it in the following points.

It is advised to read first Mind Science and it’s dimensions blog to understand conscious and subconscious mind’s working methods:


Habits are the result of repeated work in the past. Everyone from us has some unique habits. When we do the same thing, again and again, it gets into the subconscious mind and becomes our habit. Thereafter it is very difficult to get rid of it. People interrupt us on the occurrence of some habits.

Some people have a habit of moving their legs. Gradually it goes into the subconscious mind. They don’t even know, after that, it becomes their habit. By doing they give a useless task to our subconscious mind. It alike a virus for the mind. You should give a productive, innovative task to your subconscious mind. So you need to care about our habits.

Some people have a habit of overthinking. It is too much that they do not aware of what is happening around. The excess thinking leads to negativity. It may become later depression, anxiety, and critical nerves disorder.

We all have bad habits and good habits. Good habits help us in a disciplined life while bad habits spoil our whole life. So it is good to develop good habits within but negative habits grab easily.


One wants to start a new business but has an opposite thought, a fear if money will not be drowned. He has sown a negative seed in his subconscious mind with the idea of new business and side beside he also made arrangements to sink his money. It should not be a contradiction in our thought. I have a wish to buy a car but I also think I have no money, how I will arrange too much money. Your wish to buy a car will never be completed due to contradiction.

If you go to a showroom and say to the car that you are mine and definitely I will buy you anyhow. You weave a dream every time. You get attracted to the car of the same model, whenever you see it passing through the road. Your subconscious mind will be started immediately to work on all the possible ways to make your dream true. Definitely, you buy a car.


The ego is most dangerous to human beings. Spiritualism, yoga and meditation help to organize everything in our life, just opposite ego destroys everything in our life.

We lose all the energy to satisfy our ego. It is our only enemy which never lets us grow. If we are egoistic, we need not any enemy. The egoistic person fights himself. Ego says that I am everything. It blocks the door which goes towards the subconscious mind.

Criticism, Backbiting

You can never make the person ours whose you do evil behind his back. This is a universal truth. When you backbite a person, the subconscious mind considers him our enemy. It starts to make every effort to keep away him from you. Criticism is always good if it is done from the front. Sometimes it is good for the criticized person. Because if we are criticizing a person for his bad habit. Our subconscious mind considers that we like his bad habits, it will conceive all his bad habits into you subconscious mind deep layer. You have sown his all bad habits into your subconscious. This has been told by our saints the worst kind of insanity. By doing so we lose our energy, time and goodness.


Someone is growing, increasing his wealth. You start to feel jealous of him. Are you feeling jealous of that person or his money? It is his money. Our subconscious mind considers money as our enemy. It will try to keep away money from you. It will consider that money is your enemy. Suppose if that person is not wealthy, will you still have jealousy from him. No. The main cause of jealousy is money. Our subconscious will make every circumstance to keep money away from you. If you think so may God bless him more money. You will definitely get money.


Human is a social creature. There are people, you like and dislike. There are some people you hate. Do you know, the person you hate get into the more deeper layer of the subconscious mind. It recalls again and again. You get involved in him more strongly. You get tide him much firmly. It makes you uneasy. It will not lets us sleep. Hate is such a flame which burn you internally. You got acidic. If You think someone is not good, you may lessen your concern. Make yourself neutral. Avoid being involved mentally with that person. Accept everyone as it is. But we want that person with a change. Everyone is an individual.


You regret the mistake made in past. Regression is a punishment, you give to yourself. You recall an unfortunate incident again and again in your mind and consider yourself as an accused. Doing so you hurt to yourself and give an injury to your mind every time. This is a self-punishment step. It goes to your subconscious mind’s deep layer. Your subconscious mind considers you as an enemy for yourself. It starts to finish you from the inner side. You get an untraceable decease. It carries you towards isolation, sorrow and depression. It is a dangerous situation. So many people give punishment to themselves and get a self-harm step. It needs to get out of such situation as early as possible.

Psychological barriers

Almost all of us suffer from mental blockage at some time. We make our own concept about others. We suffer from prejudice. And this acts as a barrier between us. It never allows our relations to be normal. Rather it does not allow us to be normal either. Mental obstruction takes the form of a serious illness. There is a negative assumption, mental barrier about anything. It is sown deep into our subconscious.