Sometimes we say anything without caring. Thoughts draw a picture on pituitary gland center point which called as third eye and sometimes it turns into reality. Take care about your thoughts.

Check Your words before speak.

Here I am going to talk about a sad story. A relative whose age was just 28 years unmarried. By profession, he was a cab driver. He was the main source of family income and only son of his parents.

He loves a lot to his mother. His father was used to drink and make quarrel in the family. But he does not like this all. That day it was the same happening and feud was due to his father drunken habit. 

 He wanted to stop this all in the family. He took a pill from a strip of medicine and said that he has taken poison and going to suicide. He started to shout as he had got a lot of pain in his stomach, also fainted. His parents got scared and started crying.

A lot of people gathered around. The atmosphere became uneasy. Suddenly he got up saying that he was just pretending to stop the feud and shown that a strip of pain killer medicine in which one tablet was missing which he has taken for all this drama. 

He just wanted to scare his father so that the daily quarrel would stop. All the people went to work.

He did all household work for four hours. He was as normal and happy as he always.  Suddenly he started to have fainted. Fem was coming out from his mouth and cried with the stomach pain as if he has taken poison.

He told that he had taken only a pain killer also he showed a tablet missing from the strip. Immediately admitted to the hospital and soon declared dead.

Mind Does not differentiate between Dream and Reality

What was the need to tell this story? Our mind does not differentiate between the dream and reality. Our third eye is the center point of subconscious energy. His thought of suicide was not the first time.

The same thought was coming in his mind every time feud occurred in the family. Gradually His thought of suicide was getting into a deeper layer of the subconscious mind. 

If your thought strikes to the pituitary gland. It is too powerful it can kill you immediately.

People who are troubled by thinking of the past that has passed in the past. He should have done this. I should have given him this answer. I should have broken his mouth .. Why did he tell me that. I will definitely take revenge on him.

I will tell him on the right occasion. Similar things. Any event happens for some time, any problem is of some time, and we carry it throughout life. And by remembering that, we carry it into our subconscious. And our subconscious produces the same conditions again and again before us. The sooner we forget the past events, the better it is for us.

Jealousy, anger, remorse, stress, revenge, hate, thinking about the past incident, unwanted thoughts and negative thought work like poison for our body especially Brain and nervous system and live our lives with an uncertain disease.

Our subconscious turns us away from people. We begin to understand the whole world as the reason for our suffering. And even his every work starts bothering us. We suffer critical depression.

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