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Our mind works on the principle of belief. The stronger our faith, the more we gain. Whether we are associated with any religion or ideology, if our faith is strong, it will definitely work.

In ancient times, the talisman was used for treatment. Many sadhus or tantrikas used to give Vibhuti or amulets that it would protect you from negative forces. Even though this is happening today. People believed in him blindly. And definitely benefit.

The principle of faith works behind this. It sows the seeds of trust in your subconscious mind. Though the talisman is not doing anything, the seed of faith cures the patient and your subconscious mind protects you from evil energies. Everything happens from inside you.

It is everywhere. You go to holy places because of faith. You believe that going there will definitely fulfill your wishes. And it happens. This is due to trust. The main element behind this is your faith which helps to sow your thoughts in the deep layer of your subconscious mind. Whether you go to any holy place, if you do not have faith, you can get nothing. Your faith is main element.

How Belief are established?

When we are born, our mind is neutral, it was fresh to obtain new things. Being a social creature we start to observe society and happenings around. A belief system born in our mind which fabricates our mind.

A belief system is an ideology or set of principles that help us to interpret our everyday reality. We learn everything from our society. There is a lot of blind faith, assumptions which are sown in our subconscious mind very deeply that we could get rid of them hardly.

Take the example of daily life, you are being told, you believe that if the cat crosses your path then something bad is going on. You stop. And something like this definitely happens to you and your trust gets deepened.

Actually crossing the cat is not a problem. The problem lies in the idea that you have sown in your subconscious mind since childhood. There are many beliefs, which are taught to us from childhood and become part of our lives.

There is various kind of belief which benefits or harms to us. We are taught from childhood by our elders, society and religion.

Your child goes on a trip, and you get worried that nothing should happen to him. Don’t know if he will reach his destination safely. You start thinking directly. If this does not happen to him, it will not happen.

Thinking like this you are creating a problem for him. You are calling the unexpected. By seeing that event in your mind, you are taking it out in your subconscious. Your subconscious will create a problem for him. Why do we think so? Why don’t we think that our child is intelligent. It is not going to happen.

These beliefs become part of our life. Many times we accidentally violate these concepts. So whatever blind faith has been sown inside us according to that belief. That event happens. Then we say that I did it, so this incident happened to me. And that confidence of ours goes deeper.

No rules have been established by God. These are the concepts of centuries which have been established with time, in our society, in our mind. In our values.

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