How to live healthy & wealthy life?

The soul always tilts towards life. The soul wants celebration. It wants to enjoy this material world. There is no existence of soul without body. It wanders, but can only enjoy this worldly pleasure in the human body. Let’s make life happier.

Everyone wants to live a healthy and prosperous life. Everyone has their dreams but how many of us have dreams accomplished. There are so many people whose entire life spend in misery. Living life is art. People are living their lives like a load. The treasure of all happiness is hidden inside this body. Which need to be Explored. This is a secret that one never try to know. Here are some Principles of mind science and metaphysics, if applied them in your life, then everyone can live a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

It would be very beneficial to read Mind Science and it’s dimensions article first.

1. Disciplined Life

To become a successful person, first of all it is necessary to have a disciplined life. If you have no discipline in life. You are living an animal life. There should be rules of every work in life. Rule of wake up, Rule of Morning walk, Rule of Breakfast, Rule of worship etc. And it should be regular. It is a human habit that we make plan, follow them for a few days and then we come to the same old pattern.

There the some life changing rules to make your life disciplined.

Awaking Up:

Awaking up early in the morning which should be before sunrise. Waking up before sunrise in the morning is a spiritual activity. Cosmic energy rains from the universe overnight. Which is at it’s extreme in Brahma Muhurta. We absorb it and become charged with life energy.

Spiritual Walk:

A morning walk before sunrise is called a spiritual walk. Follow regular walk with silence having no thought. Just focus at your step. feel your every step doing so you will not get unwanted thought. You may also chant any religious mantra. It is best for your health and wealth. You may experience it and get an early result.

Seeing Rising Sun

Make watching the rising sun the most important task of your routine. Seeing the rising sun awakens our Kundalini Shakti, which lies at the end of your spine. It is also called Sarpani Shakti. As the sun rises up in the sky, at the same time our Kundalini power crosses the energy circles in the spine and moves towards the brain. It increases your subconscious level. It is a spiritual practice. Sit with a calm mind and watch the rising sun for 10 minutes.


Timely Sleeping

A good sleep is very important for your health. If you want you have a good health, you should sleep last to last 10 PM. It should be a routine time. we sleep on different time on different day, it disturbs our inner software. It create interference in our life system.

Neither do we eat on time, nor drink. Neither sleep nor wake up. There is upheaval in life. Our body works as per a system. When this system is interrupted, then our life is clouded by obstacles. Illness catches us.

Bring discipline in life and live a happy life.

Arrange your things.

Manner is most important in life to organize your life. You read the newspaper and throw it apart after reading it. You take a bath and throw your clothes like a ball for your mother that mother will deal herself. You need water lying on the bed. There are some things that you should do yourself. It indicate your state of mind and help you in the chaos of your life. Keep your things organized.

Discipline organizes your life and makes it easier.


2.Meditation & Yoga

When you wake up sleeping, you have to fight with your mind. Two sounds come from inside you. One says let’s get up. Do some meditation or yoga. Let’s go on a good morning walk. You had made a plan before going to sleep at night. Will wake up early in the morning. Will go to the park But there is another sound. Oh friend, sleep now, I was deeply asleep. And you hear another voice that comes from the conscious mind. One who makes you get your wish. You fall asleep again And now you get up late for two more hours. When you get up, it is office time. You engage in the rat race of life.

Do you have time for yourself? How much time do you give yourself? By the way, we understand that we do all this for ourselves. Going to office, job, business, you do it for yourself.

No! You can enjoy all the happiness of life only if you are healthy. You are balanced. You are focused. We have seen big billionaires victims of depression. Have seen committing suicide. Only Money is not the key of happiness. Happiness comes from inside you.

To give time to ourselves means to be involved with your soul. You have to interact with your self. You have to feel yourself. Just close your eye. Set any fixed time in the day and keep silence for 15 minutes. Free the mind. Try to stop coming thought. Feel the vibrations that occur within your body. Feel your breath inhale and exhale. Feel the interval of two points where the breathing cycle turns back. This is a practice of meditation. Get your kids used to it.

Make meditation and yoga a part of your regular routine. 15 minute meditation is enough but it need to be followed in daily routine and at least devote 30 minutes for yoga and physical exercise.

Please read The Spirituality and Meditation.


3.Be Positive

Eradicate the word “no” out of your life forever. “No” is a sign of negativity. It means that you have accepted your failure. In the context of mind science, you have sown the seeds of negativity and your subconscious mind will not let you success. You are accepting your defeat and failure without making an effort. There are many people who keep crying despite having money that I do not have money. You will not be able to get that thing despite having money. You make a lot of money but will always find yourself empty handed. “No” breaks your spirits. We do not inadvertently listen to our words. And saying “no” becomes our habit.

People often have a habit of speaking desperation words. Here are some examples they used to speak:

  • I do not have money.
  • I am not enough good.
  • My time is not going well.
  • Just Passing my time anyhow.
  • I am feeling bad.
  • I am bad.
  • I am bad luck

By speaking such you sows bad seed in our subconscious. You just need to change your way of speaking. How can you say your sentence?

  1. Money is coming
  2. I have to do another deal.
  3. Instead of I have no money, you say “money is enough”
  4. I must buy it.
  5. I have another priority.
  6. I am very fine.
  7. I am very lucky.
  8. I will…
  9. I can..

Always be fulfilled with positive energy. You have to avoid saying that you have no money. This is not my cup of tea. I cant do this. I am unable. Your subconscious mind works on the impression you have thought or said and turns it into a reality.

If you have a positive attitude, half of your work has been done.

If you have courage, then the sea can also be crossed.

4.Never Give up

I want to depict here one poem, which I have written and always helped me to fight with the troubles. Although it is written in the Hindi, but here is the English translation below:

Trouble got an eye, come talk to me.
What do you want, come across me

You tried a lot to break me.
by making stones, to burst me
Chest is stretched, come and strike me

Accepted are, All your challenges
failed will be, all Your intrigues.
Let the world know, who is me

Trouble got an eye, come talk to me.

Never surrender in front of troubles in life. You gave up without fighting. You have dropped your weapon without a load. Fight with them with courage. Failure is the ladder to success What you get is a result of failures. Success on one hand does not last long. Success achieved through hard work does not dominate the mind. You appreciate that.

Troubles Make us strong. Trouble are life best teacher. You must have seen the ant climbing the wall. You may have also heard this example. How often does she fall while climbing. And many times she has almost reached her destination. But in the end she succeeds in the cause due to her determination.


5.Be Motivated

Motivation works like a catalyst. It is a process of stimulation towards to accomplish your goals. It encourages you. We all returns very early in our old pattern. We need to remain motivated continuously. It always works. It sow a seed in our subconscious to achieve success. Create visual in your mind for your success. Motivation opens ways for us.

How to keep yourself motivated?

6.Helping Others

When we helps others, we opens ways to our success. Always give more than you get. Adopt a giving nature, you will never lack it. We should always help people in their progress. Many people come into our lives and we can help them. With our little help, they can climb the ladder of success. We should do this more aggressively.

The Give and take theory

Subconscious Mind continuously works on our thought. It observes our every step. If we hate someone. It makes arrangement for others to hate you also. When you love others, it makes you a lovable personality. When you help others in their progress, you progress. If you help others in making money, you are making ways for your self.

Most of the people do not want to see others progressing. they feel jealous of them. People believe in leg-pulling. They are arranging their failure. When we wish to blessings for others, we become blessed.

When you help others to move forward in life, your path of progress opens. We should give more than what we get in return. If we do a job, then we should justify our salary. We should work more than what we get in return.

Please read How helping others, Helps us?

7.Be Grateful

Always have a sense of gratitude for others. Do not forget to show gratefulness for the help, every little to little contributions of others in your life. This is great experiment and gives result very early. You get unexpected.

This is a mind science practice. It Works. Gratitude can go long.

You must have seen a slogan in every religion or sect. Like in Christianity, there is a trend of speaking “Thank God”. In Hinduism, “God will do what is right,” etc. We are taught about gratitude to God in our religious rites. It is brought into our practice. This is a science and it definitely benefits us.


Celebrate every little occasion of your life. Actually soul want to enjoy this physical world. Spirit is inclined towards life. It does not have any existence without body. It can enjoy this world only in human body. It like celebration. Celebration makes you happy.

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Degaindra Kumar

I am a System analyst and has worked with many Universities. I am a Positive thinker, motivator, Blogger and has been engaged with various Spiritual Institutions. I am less religious but believes in spirituality. I have greate interest in Political and Technological subjects.

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  1. Kamal Saluja says:

    Sir, It is life changing article. I am following these all principles and feeling internal happiness. Thank you so Much!!

  2. martinsate says:

    Healthy mind keeps healthy body. Healthy body keeps wealthy life
    . Happiness is Freedom of experiences achievable by getting results for being useful as a professional depending on your designation.
    Play FREE and add to your playlists over twelve hours of relaxed chill out ancient mindsets to understand what is highest happiness.

  3. martinsate says:

    Healthy mind keeps healthy body. Healthy body keeps wealthy life. Happiness is Freedom of experiences achievable by getting results for being useful as a professional depending on your designation.
    Play FREE and add to your playlists over twelve hours of relaxed chill out ancient mindsets to understand what is highest happiness.

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