Positively charged

Always have a positive attitude. Being positive means that you are full of positive vibrations. Your outlook should be positive. Positivism is your biggest weapon. Positive people are always appreciated by others and people are attracted to such a person. It enhances your personality.

Here are some do and dont by following you may remain positively charged.

  1. Do not seek Shortcomings in others.

Never see the shortcomings of others. It is good to analyze different people. Maybe, some of them live up to your expectation. Do not involve yourself with the discrepancies and errors of others. Do not make others trash of your mind. It creates negativity in you. You are wasting your energy in a useless task. You have a lot to do. Use your energy in doing creative things.

When you observe other’s shortcomings. Gradually, it gets into your subconscious mind. other’s shortcomings become your problem. Try to find positive things in others. You will get inspired and get charged with positivity.

2. Do not promote others negatively.

Never promote others negatively. It is human nature that other negative things are part of our gossip. You try to convince someone about others that he is not a good person so that he stays away from him. By doing this you become negative in that person’s mind. You can never make someone your own by doing evil to others.

By promoting other people negatively, you yourself become negative. According to various religious scriptures, doing evil behind the back is considered to be the worst.


3. Be fulfilled with Postivity

You should overflow with positivity. It makes a magnetic impression on your others. Never care that someone is promoting you negatively. Keep moving forward on your path and focus on your goal. He is promoting you for free. You should be thankful for that. He is doing evil or appreciating you. You do not have to be upset.

4. Do not care what people are talking about you

There are many people who care about others very much if they will do a particular work, occupation or job. What others would say, they feel should not be jealous. Lest they be hindered in my way. You start work later, fearing others first. Proceed with positivity. You have to sow positive seeds in your subconscious, it will clear your path and overcome all your obstacles.

5. Take your command in own hand

This life is yours and you should keep its command in your hands. If you are being hurt by others. this. It means that you do not exist. You have given your command in the hands of others. Other people decide your life because you have told your subconscious that you are ruled by a particular person.

You have to accomplish your dream yourself. No one will come forward to to achieve your goal. If you are feeling pinched by others that means you are being drived by others. Why you should mind others. Do not let the words of others become your disease.

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