magnetic personality

Magnetic personality does not mean that you are wearing expensive, stylish dress, you are rich. You have a luxury car. People will be attracted to you. Yes, they can be attracted by looking at your wealth. You cannot say that you own a magnetic personality. You may not be able to attract people even after you are well behaved.

Magnetic personality means that you leave your impression on others. People are attracted to you without expecting a return. Other people feel charged by meeting you. Spread positive energy wherever you go. People get overwhelmed as soon as you meet. People try to copy you.

They want to become like you. They always remember you. How can you achieve such a magnetic personality? This is an art. You don’t have to be flattering or clingy to get a magnetic personality.

How to attain magnetic personality using mind science principles? 

You can get magnetic personality. You must have the following qualities to develop in you.

1. Keep smile

Your smile is the very first impression you leave on others. If you keep a smile you feel light and relaxed. You smile, others feel lighter. You can get many things by smiling which you cannot buy for the money. Smile is a positive activity and emits positive vibrations. It helps you to get into the subconscious mind of others. Their subconscious mind creates an attraction for you.

2. Be Positive

Always have a positive attitude. Being positive means that you are full of positive vibrations. Your outlook should be positive. Positivism is your biggest weapon. Positive people are always appreciated by others and people are attracted to such a person. It enhances your personality.

How to remain Positively charged?


3. Be Confident

Your confidence shows how much trust you have in yourself and paves the way for your progress. Confidence is your big asset. Be fulfilled with high potential of life energy.

Keep this in mind people will trust you when you trust yourself. Self confidence is trust in yourself. Self-confidence sows the seeds of positivity in your subconscious and keeps you apart from negativity.

4. Be Responsive

When you meet others, how is your response? Whenever you meet someone, treat them as if they are very special for you. Meet with full energy. Your response is very important. This is the chance to leave your impact. But avoid being flattery and clingy.

Do not neglect others. Always keep their name in your mind. Whenever you meet someone and if you call them by their name, they are happy when they know that you remember them.


5. Be Courageous

Courageous people are always liked. Courage is the element which helps to defeat obstacles. No one likes to Dull and coward person.

6. Regular Meditation

Your aura is the main element to enhance your personality. Meditation and yoga should be in your regular practice. It is an activity that creates a positive aura around you and leaves a magnetic effect on others. There is a different sharpness on your face. It creates such a magnetic force in you that people cannot live without being hypnotized by you.

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7. Be Presentable

Your way of dressing, way of walking, way of talking, you of sitting. It all matters. Be smart and leave an unforgettable impression on others. There should be an attitude in your every posture.

Your attitude is taken in two ways. One in the negative form and the other in the positive form. Like attitudy people are called egoistic. But what we mean by attitude is from the presentation.