When it comes to self-realization, then the picture of an ascetic sitting in deep meditation comes to mind. Which is sitting in the Himalayan tendons. Self realization is a mind science achievement. It is an inner engineering. It can be achieved wherever you are. It is explained in very simple words, without using much esoteric language.

It is the internal change that deepens your perception, a dimensional change in your life, your work and the way you see that world. It is an intensive program of personal development and establishes the possibility of exploring higher dimensions of life, in addition to optimizing health and success. It is the goal of Spiritual practice.

How much time do you give yourself? You would think that you give everything to yourself. You spend all day thinking about worldly things. Do you ever try to assimilate yourself?

Self realization is a result of regular practice to involve with your soul. To feel your existence. There are various practices to attain self realization. Different theories are given by different Eastern and western world. No matter how defined, self realization cannot be two.

The Western World Theory

According to Western belief, self-actualization is an internal drive to develop full potential. The ability that can be directed towards creativity, spiritual knowledge, discovery of wisdom, or willingness to contribute to society.

Self-actualization is related to the concept of self-determination, both built on the assumption that an individual’s greatest need is to realize her or his own maximum potential. As per western world assumption, it is activation of one’s full potential of talents and abilities.

The Eastern world Theory

In the eastern world, especially in India, where various religions exist i.e. Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism etc. Self-realization is more than a psychological and philosophical subject. It is the highest goal of spiritual practice. In Hinduism, It is the way to get connected with God. As per Buddhism, It is the state of attainment of wisdom.

As per Kabir Das Ji. One can get the whole cosmic knowledge by sitting in a state of meditation.

Self realization is considered the gateway to salvation, liberation / freedom from rebirth. This state is attained when the Kundalini force reaches the crown of the head through the Sahasrara Chakra.

Self means your eternal being which is considered as soul. Being in present, being in now is very difficult especially in this age of technology. Most of the time we spend on the mobile phone. Our mind remains distracted in various things. A lot of waste thought surrounds us every time. So self-realization is very difficult to attain.

It can not be attained too early. It needs to practice for long, maybe whole life too.


What are the benefits of self realization?

It can not be attained too early. It needs to practice for long, maybe whole life. But still if you are on the path of self realization you can attain unexpected benefits.

  1. State of parity

You learn to control your emotions with a self-Realization. You achieve parity status. That is, you are in a situation of equality in every situation. Do not jump in a little bit of happiness and do not break in any amount of sorrow. You learn to handle things like experience, anxiety, stress effectively.

2. Unconditional Love

By self-realization, you feel connected with the people and everything. You learn to unconditional love. You come to know that God and you are not separate. You feel connected with supernatural power. You realize that supreme power and feel the existence in everything.

3. increased Self Confidence

You become boosted internally. you get more confidence and become more self-esteemed. You become more aware. Self-realization make you free from all kind of insecurity and worries.

4. More Focused

You become more focused and more eccentric. You avoid distractions. You get rid of unnecessary things and thoughts. You become focused on what matters most and get the real results.

5. More Accepting

It develops accepting nature developed in you. You learn to accept, which helps you to make real relations and you become more authentic.

6. Internal Happiness

The key to internal happiness is meditation and self-realization. Worldly things cant give you real happiness. You always seek a reason to be happy. I will be happy if this is done. You wish a Car and think that if it will be attained, I will be happy. You get it but that happiness was temporary. Soon you again is to seek a new reason to become happy. Self-realization gives to permanent and real happiness, a fulfillment which comes from inside.


How to attain Self-Realization?

Self-realization is a process of self-healing. You become healed. You need not for others approval. Normally we seek our happiness in others. We seek the reason to be happy. And finally, become hurtled. You feel free from all worldly hurdles.

Meditation is the only way to get a self-Actualization. However various masters have branded it in their own way and have given the process a different type of fashionable name. But the main thing is to make your mind thoughtless. You have to achieve a state of no mind.

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