The best method of Meditation?

Meditating Shiva
mMeditating shiva

Meditation has the power to accomplish all human aspirations. It is also the only way to attain the state of Self-realization. You become connected with the cosmic powers and rejuvenates your eternal power. Meditation is not a practice, You need to make it a part of your life. Do you know which are the main five human aspirations, which we chase throughout our life?.

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Knowledge
  4. Sociality
  5. Spirituality

But it gives a multiple of benefits. like

  1. It enhances your personality
  2. Fulfill you with positivity
  3. Rejuvenates your eternal power
  4. Makes you focused
  5. Connects you with the cosmic world
  6. Increase your Aura
  7. Increase Mind power and Memory
  8. Protects you from evil powers and negativity
  9. Increase your self-confidence
  10. Enhance Immune system

And a lot you can not imagine.

What is the Science behind the Meditation?

There a lot of thoughts going on in our mind all the time. The thinking is its nature. Thoughts give rise to new discoveries. There are a lot of disturbing thoughts in our mind. We suffer from overthinking. Overthinking leads to negativity. It develops fear. It gives unnecessary task to our subconscious mind. Using the mind like a servant gives us very good results. Our mind is our best servant. But when we start running by our mind, it is dangerous Master. Meditation is a practice of cultivating the mind.

Meditation is the exercise to control flood of unwanted thoughts. We have to concentrate on the now. When we go with the timeline, there could not be any thought. The basic purpose of meditation is to get control over our thoughts and feelings.

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In India, there are a lot of Meditation methods in the prevalence. There are a lot of methods being taught by various masters worldwide. Some of them are here:

  • Chanting the Mantra
  • Concentrate on Flute Sound
  • Ingeminate
  • Focusing on breath
  • Focusing on a point

“Focusing on Breath”, the method of meditation derived from Buddhism is the best Method Suggested by Osho (The World famous Philosopher and Spiritual Master) and Vipassana (Dhamma, The world Famous Spiritual Organization having its Meditation Centers throughout the world).

How to practice Meditation?

  • Be Sitted in happiness posture as per above image of Lord Shiva. The fingers of both hands should be stuck together or both the palms should be placed on each other.
  • Breathing is the source of life energy. It is a such activity that occurs continuously in our body with a fixed interval. Inhaling and exhaling is a cycle. Pay attention to this interval.
  • We take the air inside and let it out. It is not only air, it also contains life energy, which remains inside the body and air comes out.
  • Before starting the meditation take a deep breath inside you and exhale it. It will be better to do Bhramari and Anuloma-Viloma for 10 Minutes. It will help in concentration.
  • Keeping your focus between both eyes, called the third eye, is to feel your breath coming in and out of the nasal gate.
  • It needs regular practice at least 30 Minutes daily. There will be a flood of thoughts in your mind which not let you meditate. These thoughts will distract your concentration. But you need to try again and again to divert your focus on your breath.
  • Your deepness will increase daily. You will start have control on your thoughts.
  • As your deepness increases, a lot of things you will starts to feel. You will feel as if the energy of the whole body has gathered in your brain. Your Kundalini Shakti starts climbing into the brain, crossing the energy chakras in the spinal cord. As it reaches to the brain, millions of neuron cells become charged like a lotus. You will feel an etching sensation over top head point.
  • When we are meditating on mid point of both eyes,, we are seen multicolored circles revolving like a cinema screen in front of us. Which takes us deeper into meditation. This means we are getting more deepness.

When we start to feel a magnetic splash on our forehead, the whole life energy gets collected in our forehead. We do not know about the remaining parts of our body. Supernatural power pulls our soul upwards. We come in contact with the positive energies of the universe. They work for us energetically.

To walk on the path beyond meditation, you need a spiritual guru.

How Much Time should be given to Meditation?

Meditation should be a part of our daily routine. We should start our day with Meditation. As per Shri Paramahansa Yogananda, Minimum to minimum 10 Minute is enough but it should be continuous.

Other Practices to Increase your focus

Playing Game

The main motto of meditation is to make the mind thoughtless and to keep concentration on the timeline. Games like table tennis, badminton, tennis etc. in which we need to draw our attention to a particular point because we need to focus on the ball, gives a mental pleasure and we feel inner happiness. We do not have time to waste thoughts in between playing games due to the continuity in the game.

Singing/Listening Music

When we listen or sing Any beautiful music which carry us in deepness of pleasure we dive in to deep of meditation. Our mind feel relax and We live for hours. It it also a kind of Meditation Practice.

The Final Statement

Make meditation a part of your daily life. It gives you the real happiness in life. This increases your immunity. Internal energy, enhance mind power. It gives you everything in life and that too without asking and very soon.

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