Negativity unknowingly catches you. You are hunted without your knowledge. You start following negative thoughts, habits and attitudes and you try to justify yourself. You will not accept that you have become negatively afflicted.

Have you ever seen a bird in winter? Birds inflate themselves to avoid the cold. Humans do the same when they get cold, we mentally keep our body in safety mode. If we accept the cold mentally, It gets into our subconscious Mind and we feel cold more. If you make your mind and body firm, It works as a shield, you will feel less cold.

Let’s take the example of a warrior. When the enemy strikes he uses a shield to avoid attacks. When someone try to harm him, he manages to escape himself.

You are going somewhere on foot, it starts to rain. There is no shade to escape from the rain. You fear and try to seek shelter. But still, rain makes wet you. What will you do in this situation?

If you will fear that, ‘oh no!, I have become wet. Lest I should not fall ill. You are observing the illness within you. There is another situation also, you show courage and say that ‘nothing will happen. Rain could not harm me. I am not too weak.’ you start to enjoy the rain. You really will not have harmed by rain. Because your subconscious has created a shield around you. You were wet but not observed the effect of rain on you.

Negativity unknowingly catches you. You are hunted without your knowledge. You start following negative thoughts, habits and attitudes and you try to justify yourself. You will not accept that you have become negatively afflicted.

You need to create a psychological shield around you, which helps protects you from negativity.


How to confirm that you have become Negatively Obsessed?

There are some checks by which you may find that you have become negatively obsessed.

  • Having feared from crowd, dirt and germs
  • Having excessive doubt on everyone.
  • Isolating yourself and breaks all social relations
  • No one fulfills your expectation and wants people with change.
  • Having excessive complaint with everyone
  • Assumes that the whole world is against him.
  • Feels discomfort whenever go outside
  • Having Stickiness on the face, thin skin and eye colour like mud
  • using excessive pessimistic sentence
  • fears of exposure and tend to maintain secrecy
  • Feeling pressure on heart side and pain in the left arm, shoulder and heart
  • having no excitement about life
  • Suicidal Intention
  • Seeking cause for happiness and relating everything to himself/herself
  • habit of comparison although it is not concerned.
  • Low self-esteemed and Feel insulted by very little things

Do and Don’ts

  • Do not observe the shortcomings of others. People have a lot of weakness But you have to avoid getting involved with their negative. Leave them with their shortcomings. You frequently gossip about other deficiencies and have a great interest in what is happening in other’s life. Means you are involving your self with their negativity.
  • Always find positive things in others, appreciate them for their qualities. If someone have all the bad quality, do not make their negativity the part of your life. It is not that one doesn’t have even single positive quality. You have to find a positive quality in others. Talk about them, appreciate them for.
  • Don’t be disturbed if someone commenting you or have a negative opening about you. Most of the People scare that what will say the people. This is your life. Take your decision. Don’t care about what people will say. How others can decide your fate.
  • Make your path yourself. This is the public. If you are getting affected by others, means you are driven by others. You have no existence. you will not come to know, and you will be possessed negativity.
  • You should be impressed by other but You need not be affected by others. Make a shield around you and return their vibration immediately. If you are minding it, means you have observed their negative vibrations into you.
  • There is a difference between being impressed and being affected. If you are being impressed, you are receiving positive vibrations from others. You are liking positive things of others. But being affected means you are receiving negative vibrations.
  • Why you get negatively affected? Because you get involved with their shortcomings. You think about other’s bad things for hours. You make their negative things part of your gossip. You are sowing other’s negativity into your subconscious.
  • Learn to be happy yourself. Do not look for a reason to be happy. Happiness comes from inside A negatively afflicted person always wants to change others so that they can behave accordingly. But somehow, they find a shortcoming in others. Shortcomings occur in everyone. They find it and hurt themselves.
  • Don’t relate everything to yourself. Even if it is being said. They understand that it is being said indirectly to me only. Relating and comparing things is the hallmark of negative obsession. Avoid this.
  • Always have a Shield, A Shield formed by your mind around you. Do not let to enter negative vibrations into you.
  • Avoid Excessive thinking, It leads to negativity and produces fear for future.
  • Be mindful and remember the most enjoyable moment from your life. Laugh a lot you can.
  • Increase your social circle and pass some time in healthy gossiping. Share your happiness with others. Do not share your sorrow. People think if it will be shared his/her sorrow will be lessened. Don’t forget it will help it to go deeper layer into your subconscious mind and the problem will be increased.
  • Have a habit of playing games, listening Music and creative activity. it helps to distribute your mind.
  • Do regular meditation and yoga.
  • If needed and have a excessive depression and panic attacks, visit to Doctor.

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