What is Motivation ?

Motivation acts as a catalyst for our goals to grow further. Motivation refers to energy transmission and moving forward with that energy to achieve goals. It is a spark within which keeps us start, a ripple to achieve the results.

When we think of doing some work, some days are serious. But after some time we lose our energy. We get frustrated very quickly and return to our old ways. We need a willingness, needs desire and a dream about life which drive us to achieve and set goals.

Goals are achieved through continuous effort. We need continuous stimulation from within. Motivation is required in every field of work. It is a psychological factor to stimulate peoples at work place.

Why we need to be Motivated?

  • Need of Money,
  • Success
  • Teamwork goal
  • Satisfaction
  • Desires
  • Dreams
  • Recognition

At a Company, we works as a team. There is a team leader and a target is given to the team. Team leader need to motivate his team members to achieve the Target.

For success, to accomplish our dream we need a continuous inner boost up, which is supplied by motivation.

How to Remain Motivated?

We need to be motivated individually to achieve the goal in the life’s every field.

Here are the ways to remain Motivated:

Reading Inspiring Stories

Read success and inspiring stories of successful personalities who have great achievements. Biography written by great writers, great men who have struggled in life from ordinary humans, have established values in the world, and have touched the heights. Such stories inspires us, motivates us and helps to sow a seed in our subconscious mind. You get carried away by feeling that nothing is impossible.

Fix your targets and time limit

Give yourself a limited time frame to achieve the goal. Write it down on a paper with your target time frame. Stick it on the wall of the daily sitting position where you can see it at least once a day. Or keep this paper in your purse and take it out several times a day and read it.

It will descend into the deep layer of your subconscious mind. You need to remind your subconscious mind what you really want. This will encourage and make restless you towards achieving your goal.


Be Optimistic

Forbid the use of pessimistic words. Use “I will”, “I Can” , like self Motivational slogans.

Many times people ask you how it is going and you say “Nothing special, just passing time” or “My luck is bad” or “I am very bad”. These types of sentences are a sign of negativity and lead you towards inaction.

Always be full of energy, Remained optimistic and spoke full of energy. Such as “I am very good”, “Everything is going very well”, “God is pleased” , “I am the best”, “I am the topper” etc. It stimulated your inner energy and helps you to be motivated.

Be Decisive

Because of not being able to take the right decision at the right time, over time you suffer from a feeling of giveup. Because of this, you destroy both your time and money.

You have to take a clear decision on whether to do any work or not. If you do not have to, then you soon grow towards your other goals. The faster you make your decisions, the faster you move towards your goal. The middle wavering condition is not good.

Take every work as a Challenge

Accepting Challenge should be in your habit. Take every task as a challenge. It will stimulate you from inner-side. If you consider a task difficult already. obstacles stands in front of you like a mountain. You already give up and it eats away your motivational energy.


See Your Results

Set your goals and have dream of your results coming true. When we see our goals being fulfilled on our minds, then it goes deeper in our subconscious. Subconscious mind the manager which manages everything to accomplish our dream. The results attract us magnetically.

It stimulate us towards our goals and don’t let us to give up..

Believe in yourself

Trust yourself and your abilities. Do not doubt on yourself. Your belief in yourself is the biggest catalyst to keep you motivated. You have to convince your subconscious that you have indomitable abilities. It will inspire you.

Avoid Discouraging People

There are people all around us who discourage us. If we pay attention to his words, then we start doubting our abilities and get demotivated. We begin to see our goals as the only way out.

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