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Paranormal, Scary

After all, I was going to get married

There were 4 days left for my wedding. I was busy collecting my pending payments from my software client. As customers make excuses for payment, some paid and some deferred. Although I told them about my marriage that I was in dire need of money.

Pre Wedding Shopping

The elder brother and sister-in-law came to Delhi for wedding shopping a few days ago. We went to Karol Bagh, Delhi’s famous market. Along with me, they also made their own and children’s purchases, even though I had limited money. The bride’s sarees (A dress worn by women in India ) were bought, the sister-in-law was sitting in an expensive sari. She was behaving somewhat strangely. She also bought bridal-like sandals for herself. I knew they were going through a bad time those days, so I bought for them too.

There was a strange Atmosphere

Now there was no way other than running for the village. I played punjabi songs in full volume in my car. I was dancing while driving. I was to take the family of an elder sister and cousin midway. I loaded them all in my small car like straw and reached the village. At home, there was a very strange, desolate environment. It did not seem that after four days, this would be the occasion of marriage here. Although it is our a large combined family.

The Marriage arrangement

I and my elder brother booked a band and fireworks for the wedding. Which my father was angry about. It was a communication gap between my father, me and my elder brother. Due to this, everything was mismanaged. It was never before. It seemed there is something which wants to mismanage everything.

Why It was so desolate?

Family members and relatives were begin to arrive. Because the next day the procession was to leave but there was still a very desolate atmosphere. I was feeling distracted and at the same time feeling happy, as well as a strange suffocation. Everyone was seeming scary. I felt that no one was interested enough in my marriage. I do not know the reason.

Being Angry is the part of Indian Marriage

Uncle (Fufa), who is notorious for being angry at weddings, was angry at the insistence of getting in the car while we were adjusting him in the bus to the procession. Well somehow he was convinced.

Have you seen Groom Driving?

It may have been such a thing, I was driving the groom’s car myself. However, one of my cousins, Rajiv, got annoyed because of not getting this opportunity and that displeasure caused him to depart from the public transport to the destination.

Some other guests who were left angry, reached by Public Transport. Where the marriage party was staying, everyone started showing me displeasure. I could not feel that I was a groom. Despite being the groom, no one was paying much attention to me.

Finally Groom was reached to the Destination

Some of my sisters, my eldest brother in the family, who was a working in the Indian Airforce, and some children, were going into a Maruti wagonR car in an unintentional way. We also had to buy some important items from the midway. And we were late in reaching. The people from the bridal party were very angry and were calling on the phone again and again. Somehow we reached and the hosts calmed down.

Wow, It was my engagement ceremony

Because of Marriage and engagement was fixed on the same day. So that as soon as we arrived, the preparations for the engagement started. It was a little room. Anamika was looking very charming in red colored very homely Kurta-salwar. There was very closest family members in the ring ceremony.

My Sister-in-law was not enough involving in this ceremony while his brother was the middleman in my marriage. I was considering that she will communicate and mingled with the Bride and her family but She did not do that. Not only she, None of my sibling did so.

Thank God, It was done

Any how the ring ceremony was successful. “Successful” I am saying this because one year ago, my this relation was denied from Bride side and it was able to be reconnected after my efforts. Well that’s a different story I’ll tell later.

Marriage ceremony was going on well, meanwhile…

It was about to be Horse ceremony. I was Sitting on a cart and the band was playing ahead, the Marriage party were dancing. New new ways of dancing were happening. Some people were doing the famous Nagin dance of Indian Wedding. Seeing all this, I was very happy. At last my dream was being fulfilled.

The procession arrived at the reception while dancing. I had to have a Aarta ceremony (Welcome) from the bride’s side. The groom was ready to take the dance off the Cart and some mischievous elements entered the procession. There was chaos in the program. My cousins ​​and some relatives were beating some people out. There was a lot of argument between the marriage party and the bridal party.

Somehow I was taken off the Cart and taken inside. Once I felt that will not get the bride. Lest iodex should be rubbed from here. Well after the intervention of the elders, the matter was calm and further rituals were continued. Although still argument was going on between both party.

Some aggressive elements from bride side want to take revenge from the procession.

It was farewell at five in the morning

Farewell in the morning happened in a very good, joking atmosphere. Finally I got my life partner Anamika. Very Bold and beautiful.

Mostly, brides in India cry at the time of farewell. But instead of crying, Anamika was trying to tie her mother to her conscience. “No mummy, no cry, no cry at all”. She knew that if she cried, her mother would break. She was the only daughter of her mother and father. She did not want to see her parents crying.

Even if there is no crying, but Bride have to act. Otherwise people will say that the girl of such-and-such did not cry. I felt that Anamika is Brave also.

It was our First meet

After the farewell, the procession was returned to the home. I and the newly Bride Anamika was on the back seat. This time, one of Elder Cousin brother was driving the car and one the eldest cousin brother was beside him in the front seat.

We started talking to each other. This was our first communication with each other. And what we talked about is a completely private matter. But there was a strange suffocation, a strange panic. Why was it ? Something was out of control. I was feeling held by someone. My mind was not in my control.

Finally, After travel of two hour, we reached at home in the morning. All the rituals, after marriage had started.

It was again a dispute

After marriage, there is an atmosphere of joy in the house. All guests are given a happy farewell. As soon as we reached home, my uncle, who did not go in Procession, created a ruckus. Because his only son, my younger cousin, was left at the bride’s house. It was seeming that He was irritated by my marriage.

I was wondering what Anamika would think about where she got stuck.

It was not a good Behavior

All the women in my family were not treating Anamika well. A new bride arrives at the house. She is special for the women of the house. All the women of the house try to entertain her. But here, all the women were behaving strangely, like a competitor. At least my mother and my siblings should have treated the younger bride well.

My sister-in-law was most upset. She was tightening or ridiculing Anamika. She was doing everything I had never imagined. Whereas Anamika was in relation to her distant relatives. Her Brother (Sanjay) had suggested Anamika’s name for marriage.

There was some entertainer too

There were some boys from my maternal and my nephews who were trying to entertain Anamika. whereas female from the house was either commenting or just doing formality. I was the most loved member of my family. Why my wife was being treated like this, Seeing this I was very upset.

Anamika was seeing this all

Anamika was observing everything but she was scattering smile. She was thinking perhaps I am new or Maybe Alien, came from another planet so why these people are behaving me like this. She was confident that She will make everyone her own with her behavior. She tried herself to communicate with my family members.

Finally It was my Honeymoon

Two days had passed and now we were to meet for the first time. It was a dark and scary night. Electricity was lost in the village. It was around 10 o’clock. There was silence in the village. Most of the people of the village have slept. The upper hall which has seven doors was arranged for us. The hall has doors in every direction.

A kerosene lamp was lit for light. It had very little light. Dogs were barking in the street. After dinner all the family members had gone to sleep. Now I only had older sisters, mother and sister-in-law. The sisters also went to their bed. As per custom, a glass of milk was placed on the table for us to drink.

Sister in law scattered a shrill smile towards us and pointed to go in. They was also left. Now only I and Anamika was in the Room.

We both was making gossip and was trying to understand each other. There was no hurry. I put my head In her lap. I was teasing her hair. And she was kissing my forehead. We wanted to make this night memorable. Anamika was looking so gorgeous, I never Imagine. I have never seen so much attraction in any women. I could not believe my luck.

I just wanted to be lost in Anamika..

Oh No,

Suddenly We listened a scream of horror. at once a strong kick in the door towards the balcony. We got feared..

We were afraid to speak as well. Our Breath was stuck. We were silent at once. That voice was very scary. It was a panic in that voice. We hear such voices in ghostly films. Such a loud push cannot be made by a dog or a cat.

We thought maybe someone was trying to hide and see us. We were trying to hear voice of movement, but no step sound listened. There was no way for anyone to climb on the side that was pushed.

After some time, I opened the door, took a torch, and looked around. There was nothing. Then I came in and locked the door.

We were unable to sleep. Due to fear, we spent that night just by talking. We were somehow waiting for the morning to happen. It was my biggest mistake to open my door and come out.

That demonic spirit had entered our lives.

We did not discuss any family member about that incident. Probably because everybody would consider it a joke.

To be continued In Part-II

Degaindra Kumar

I am a System analyst and has worked with many Universities. I am a Positive thinker, motivator, Blogger and has been engaged with various Spiritual Institutions. I am less religious but believes in spirituality. I have greate interest in Political and Technological subjects.

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  1. I love your story and read every word. I am looking forward to hearing more. Love sent to you ❤️

  2. As one who LOVES the Paranormal and Woo Woo; I made out time to read this story with a rapt attention!! I cannot wait to read the next part of this story!!!

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