The corona epidemic has locked up the entire world. This is the only way to protect yourself. Thinking about all kinds of measures taken to spend time. You will be passing time by Playing Ludo, Chess or Chidiya Ud etc. with children. But you can not do that for the whole day because we were too busy in the rat race that feeling emptiness is appearing boundation. After some time, you start getting bored and negativity starts to surround.

There was no time left for us in the running of life or we have become absolutely free. Plenty of time is available for our children. But the concern is still heavy on all of this.

Our internal happiness is missing somewhere. There is a strange uneasiness. There is an uncertainty in the mind.

You will definitely be looking for an activity that entertains you internally, satisfies you, calms you down and helps you maintain harmony.

Real happiness comes from inside. For that,You have to go inside.

This is the time you can utilize to rejuvenate your eternal power. You can align your internal system. It’s the best time to go inner side and enlighten yourself.

The best time for self-actualization. You can do yoga and meditation which will give the real happiness. It will make immune system strong and stimulate your eternal power.

It brings you to a state of equality, freeing all worries. Fulfills all your aspirations.

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The Drive

The internal drive is the easiest, which we find the hardest thing to do. Because we are slaves of the mind. The mind wants to maintain its monopoly on us. It wants to keep us full.

When we eat food, at least we have to move our hands and move our jaws. We do not require any physical movement for internal drive.

We do any study work or any computer task, We need to use our brain. We have to create ideas and innovation. We consume energy and eventually get tired. We become tired while doing every mental work. But when we go for inner drive, get energized.

This is our condition when I think most people know the benefits of meditation. For which we do not need any special means. No physical exercise or labor work has to be done. We need not to be a muscle man. We do not need money. We don’t have to be very intelligent.

We go to the religious place for our wish and peace of mind. We do not need anyone for this drive. We do not need to go anywhere. We can do this exercise whether we are lying down, sitting or walking. Only we have to go inside.

It fulfills all human aspirations, But still we consider it the most difficult practice.

You are afraid that you will have to quit your addiction. But you do not need to leave anything. When you go inside yourselves. You are moving towards subconscious. All rites take place in the subconscious. The subconscious mind starts to awaken. Addiction starts to get away itself.


The Practice

In a spiritual practice we need to stay calm, We have to make our mind thought less. Here we need not any creativity. We need not any Higher education. Only have to centered your whole life energy.

It is the practice of going into the subconscious while conquering the mind. In this, all we need is mind and soul. We have to reconcile your mind with the soul. It is the tuning of mind with the cosmic power which controls everything in this world and which is within everything.

Apart from this physical world, there is also an invisible world. There is a universal power that drives this world. To know that, we need to go inside ourselves.

We do not need eyes to go inside ourselves. We can actualize that world inside with closed eyes only. Our mind stops us from going inside. The great secrete is hidden inside you.

As we go towards inner layer, there is more energy. Everything in this world is made of energy. This energy begins to transform in the same way that we believe or worship The God. As much as we come out of the spring, it is passive.

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The Final Statement

Meditation is the only way to go inside. Give this valuable time to change yourself. In this lockdown, you can unlock the divine power hidden within you.

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