fear Spreads

Media is full of the corona. Everyone has become a specialist in Corona and is sharing their knowledge on social media. Even though someone may survived from corona infection, but it has caused mental infection.

What is happening?

News channels are constantly showing death tolls. People are scared. All people are not strong-hearted. Everyone has a mobile phone in hand. Many websites are showing the statistics of death like the score of the World Cup match. After a while, watching Death Score has become a habit. People are also talking among themselves “how much has been scored”

Europe’s figures are enough to make anyone scare. This is happening. People have become stressed.

Yes, I am talking about Corona.

If anyone has a slight cough or cold, there is panic in him. One of my nephew fell victim to uncontrolled blood pressure. Cough and mild fever also occurred. She got very scared. She felt that she had become corona. Two or three doctors showed up, all told tension. But She could not trust even those doctors.

She was checking the death figures after a while. She started thinking that it was her next turn.

We have already become a mobile phone addict. Nowadays we are seeing Corona-Corona everywhere. 70% blogs are also being written only on the corona. If you watch the news channel, Corona. All advertisements are also shown related to Corona. We are already sitting at home in fear of Corona. When you check the phone, Corona comes forward.

Social media is full of the corona, be it mimes, jokes, cautionary advice. Everyone has become a specialist in Corona and is sharing their knowledge on social media. Maybe you consider me a part of this too and laughed at me. But this is the reality. Even though we have survived from corona infection, but it has caused mental infection in us.

Even if someone has mocked Prime Minister Modi, but his appeal to lit the light was to transform a feared environment into a fear-free environment. It was an experiment of mind science.

Fear turns into negativity

Fear Spreads and grabs. It is like a slow poison. You do not come to know, gradually it surrounds you.

If you put death in your inner heart, then you grow in death. Constantly thinking about death fear gets into deeper layer of subconscious mind. It works like a practice. As we learn to ride a bicycle or learn a table, it goes into subconscious mind forever.

Negativity increases the secretion of negative hormones. It makes our system unstable.The following symptoms may cause within you.

  • Tension
  • Sleeplessness
  • Body pain
  • Fluctuating blood pressure
  • Suffocation
  • Stiffness in stomach
  • Swelling
  • Loss of appetite
  • Inflammation

Please check yourself if suddenly, from few days you have occurred such a problem then you should check your routine habits.

How to overcome the Problem?

If it is happening with you, you can not get rid of the problem just caring about habits .

  • Do not See excessive News. You may keep yourself updated about the epidemic by seeing for one or two times daily.
  • Avoid seeing death toll every minute.
  • Do not involve or relate yourself with the death toll.
  • Focus more on the recovery Score and celebrate the joy that it is being defeated.
  • Focus on the good news about the recovery, fight and invention.
  • Trust on yourself. Explain to your mind that you are capable of protecting yourself.
  • Keep your mind engage in works like writing, painting, cooking, Reading Books, playing etc.
  • Give enough time for Yoga and meditation.
  • Avoid excessive thinking about your future.

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No problem is permanent,

Time passes and problems also end with time. Stay at home and stay safe. Let’s make like happier.

(The above idea is author’s own view.)