How to become Master of your own Mind?

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Our mind is the greatest and powerful tool given to us by nature. Most people do not know its functioning and inadvertently start playing in their mind’s hands. A mountain of problems arises in front of them, this can be the most devastating for us. You can become the master of your mind by knowing the functioning of our mind. You can bring tremendous changes in your life.

Let’s understand its functioning and become the master of your mind.

Who is running your Mind?

In this era of globalization, as much as our scope has increased, the problem has also increased. We have become a short temper. We are unable to tolerate each other. Mental problems have increased a lot. Due to which maximum people have become victims of stress, anxiety, depression and heart decease.

Many people are victims of unknown body pain, irritability and inflammation. But they do not know the reason for this. Just excessive medicines are being consumed.

Our stress has a direct impact on our heart, nervous system and communication system between our various organs. Due to which the organs concerned start working in unexpected ways and the whole body becomes the home of disease.

For this, we need to go to the roots of the problem. The problem is overthinking and unwanted thought. Why we get unwanted thought.

The question arises here that mind’s basic work is to think.

Coming thought is its nature. Coming thought is not a problem. The thought comes and disappears. Problem is such thoughts, which strikes our mind again and again. Worry leads to excessive thinking. We get involved with such thoughts and it is hard to get rid of such thoughts.

There is such an environment or some such incidents around us that slowly go into our subconscious and we don’t even know. Which directly impacts our lives.

Why such thoughts are produced in our mind which strikes us again and again. Most of the problem are due to us.

Other’s Words

We all have a social circle. There are many types of people. Each person is an individual personality. Not everyone can behave according to us. So many times someone says words that do not happen according to us. These words pinch to us.

We become uncomfortable. These words strike us again and again. There are many people who did not mind such things, but there are many people among us, who cannot tolerate such words and they make it their problem.

The speaker speaks once but he repeats it again and again in his inner heart. Whenever he comes up, we remember the same words again and again.

Every time they think about it, every time they will be traumatized. And it goes into the depths of our subconscious mind and we make ourselves sick due to our own.

The reason for our problem is not different. We ourselves are the reason for this.


Sometimes we have high expectations from others. This is too much for some people. They formulate their own vision for others in their minds. And when others do not respond according to them, they become batches.

He should have done this. He should not have said this, not like this. He should have sat like this. He should have walked like this. He should have talked to me like this.

We are worried for hours. And for others, we always make judgment in our mind forever. We give a meaningless task to our subconscious mind. Which creates a negative vibrations in us.


Quarreling with others makes people nervous and gives rise to futile thoughts. We think about taking revenge for hours. We think that if you get it this time, I will do it, I will do it like that. I will say this to him, he will speak. Or I should have told him that. Similar things.

As a result, we dissolve our inner peace ourselves. Forget everything. But no, we repeat that battle again and again in our mind, rather we envisage it further.


It is said that Worry is a pyre. Which does not let us live peacefully. It takes away all our inner peace.

These persons live in the future; Always thinks about “what ifs.”

They are motivated by fear which is often irrational and with no basis for it. Occasionally, this person is motivated by fear from the repeat of the same incident.

Many people are immersed in meaningless anxiety. They seem to conceive of their unexpected future. They do unexpected visualizations in their minds. Which produces a batch within them and is surrounded by unwanted thoughts.


Not tolerating is the biggest problem of this era. None of us want to tolerate anyone. We can see it in our families. This problem is very much in our children.

Those who know how to wreck, they live in inner peace. Those who do not know how to tolerate, they become irritated and lose their mental peace. They are surrounded by meaningless thoughts.

Jealousy and Hate

Jealousy burns us from inside and hatred gives us internal wounds. Both of them restless us and take us mentally. So it is natural to have unwanted thoughts.


Cheating happens to all of us at one time or another. There are many people who consider it destiny and move forward. But not everyone is like this. They get tied to it. It has also been seen that some people get so hurt by this that they take abhorrent steps like suicide.

Cheating motivates us for revenge and many people keep on thinking all the time to do the same in return.


Many people have a habit of comparison. They forcefully try to relate anything to themselves, whether they have any relation with it or not.

Sometimes someone is talking about someone, they are blown away saying, “Well, you are saying this thing.” They try to relate everything to themselves and lose their spiritual peace. It is their habit to compare with others and they always live in the delusion of being superior to others.


Fear of rejection leads to excessive thinking. Or we ourselves create something that people are not accepting you. Or it seems that people are not liking you. You start thinking of yourself as very important. You want people’s attention and feel rejected if you don’t meet.

It annoys people and gives rise to unwanted thoughts.

Low Self-Esteem

Low self esteem is a big problem. Although it is a topic to write descriptively. We get multiple of problems due to low self esteem. We try to escape ourselves from social situations. We try to hide our self and tend towards negativity.

Stress and difficult life events, such as serious illness or a bereavement, can have a negative effect on self-esteem.

It leads us towards overthinking.

Past Incidents

This is the most affecting cause to remain in past. For some people, it is very much hard to come out from their past. Some unexpected events or behavior in life breaks people so much that it strikes them again and again. They cannot come out of it. And slowly it takes the form of a wound inside the mind.

Our mind wants to keep us full. If we look at all the above facts, we will find out who is driving us.

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Mastering your Mind

You always blame others for your problems. A lot of people with different nature comes into your entire life. It is not possible for all people to behave exactly like you. All people will not have the same way of thinking, everyone will not speak according to you, will not work according to you. But you want to run the whole world according to you.

If we think this then we are being run by our mind. If you go according to your mind, it will put you in such trouble, it will become heavy. We are in the wrong way. Most of the problems are at the root of our mind. Sooner, we have to understand this.

The mind drives us and we let it run. We get caught by our mind badly. It sows some things in our subconscious mind to such a depth that we need reprogramming to get out.

You go somewhere in a social relationship and bring a lot of garbage in your mind from there. Your mind becomes excited and loses inner peace. There may not have been much according to you.

You come home criticizing them, abusing them. Neither are they listening to you nor do they know what is going on inside you. By doing this you are not even losing their one per cent. You are completely harming yourself.

And a mental rhetoric runs in the mind. Why is this going on?

In the mind, thoughts go on uncontrollably and you go on flowing with them. You never pay attention to them. You need to pay attention to your thoughts. Observe your thought. It is self-harming for you. You need to control your mind. It is an excellent servant. Do not let it become your master.

You can scold your mind. You can order it to sit aside. You can order it to work when you need it. Learn to use it as per your requirement. You need to use it, not to be used by it.

You need to be Master of your mind. It is a process of self healing.

Stop it Now

  • If you find yourself thinking negatively, then interfere in it and stop it from doing so.
  • Stop it by saying “No!, It is Enough”. Counter your thought at once.
  • You need to be alert about your thought. Do not flow with your thought. Let the brain do what you want to do.
  • Exchange it with counter affirmation. Assume that you have full control on your mind.
  • Have a conversation with your mind and make him believe that everything is OK and in control.
  • Reject negative thoughts about yourself. Whether it is your own or others.
  • Express confidence in yourself. “I am a divine creation of the universal soul.” I am a human spiritual person. I am brilliant, magnetic and beautiful. I love and accept myself just like that. “
  • Write the negative things inside you on a paper. And feel that whatever was negative in me has come out. Burn that paper and make yourself feel refreshed.
  • There are many people whom you consider to be the cause of your suffering. And as soon as they come or their name comes, there is a storm in you. It means you are not self-guided. say to yourself “I have full control of me and my mind, others can not affect me”
  • Do anapana (a meditation practice from Buddhism taught by Vipassana Meditation ) practice daily which will help you to have a control on your mind and thought. It is the best technique i found and daily practicing.
  • Having control on your mind is completely in your hand. You can become master of your mind and can get rid of all above problems.
  • Be a spiritual being and make meditation and yoga part of daily practice

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