Continuity Requires Dedication leads to Success

Activism, involvement and continuity are essential elements to succeed. Those who accept, they lose and those who decide are definitely successful one day. But most of us are a bit serious in the initial few days and get impassioned soon. Soon we return to our old style.

When we get down to the depths of the subconscious in some work, then a flood of thoughts starts coming inside us. Which helps us in creating new routes. But most people lose before that.

Those, who get carried with their own work with a continuum definitely touch the heights. It happens in every area of life. We are disappointed at times, sometimes filled with excitement.

The Subconscious Cause

People want instant success in life. And believe more in shortcuts. Nothing enters our subconscious immediately. It is true that our subconscious has a major role in realizing our thoughts on the ground.

When we abandon an idea, the subconscious mind immediately stops working on that process. The subconscious starts searching for new paths if we move along the continuum while being firmly entrenched with an idea.

The idea slowly descends into the subconscious. The subconscious needs continuity. Once if the idea got into the Subconscious, It starts to find the ways to accomplish the Your thought.

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Factors Behind

Here are the Factors which helps us to be a success in our life.

Set Your Goal

Many of us are always naive in life. They cannot decide what to do and what not to do. They set foot in many boats together. Better By digging ten wells, if one well is dug well, success will definitely be found.

Set Goal of your interest and move forward for it with a firm decision and dedication.


You have to be completely dedicated to any work. You have to give your 100% to your work. Do not postpone it tomorrow.


Self-confidence is the key to success. It is our confidence that compels the subconscious to make us successful in our work. Without confidence, we make our failure predetermined.

This is the factor that does not require any higher education. To be successful, it is not necessary to be highly educated. To be successful, you only need self-confidence. You can cross a sea, only you required a passion.

There are innumerable examples. I know many people who could not complete their basic education properly. His passion and self-confidence have brought him to a certain height which he had not even imagined.


You have to be involved in any work. Involvement generates interest. Interest produces imagery. Imagination creates new paths for you. Imagination is directly related to the subconscious. The subconscious understands visuals quickly and starts to work on it at once.

It gives you result definitely.


Continuity develops an attachment to your work. It starts to come new Ideas and the various path to go forward. You learn new things. There should no break, whether you have to postpone your other works.

Time Management

You have to manage your time so that your main task should not be affected. We waste hours, being idle. Devote your precious time to creative things. Give your best time for your Goal.

You have to choose what is important to you. Wasting hours time for playing Game, Chatting for Hours, killing time for hours on Facebook or foolish Gossip.

or your success.

Read, Read and Read

There is no work better than reading. By reading your mind get exposure to the new things and Ideas. It Develops new Neuron cells in our mind. Neuron cells become multiple folds.

By reading, we get a flood of creative ideas. We get multiple ways to go forward. it gives us the best route to choose.

Once a question was asked to the Bill Gates and Mark Elliot Zuckerburg simultaneously. What is your best hobby? They answered quickly “Reading”

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