Marathon and heinous incidents of rape have put the country to shame. And it is not being to stop. What level of society are we living in? What a state of mind that is so cruel. This is very gruesome.

The incident of Hathras, rape has broken the entire country. Such incidents have been happening from time to time. But there is no end to them.

Political Checkmate

The political upsurge continues. Every political party is engaged in bringing each other down. The game of checkmate continues. The opposition party is engaged in preparing its political ground by holding the ruling party responsible. As the farmer waits for rain and plows the field and sows the seeds as soon as it rains. Such events are an opportunity for political parties to plow.

Crocodiles tears, false sentiments. The purpose is to sow the political crop. Which has to be cut in the upcoming election. When elections come, such incidents also increase. What is the equation is beyond comprehension.

They have nothing to do with anyone’s feelings. Nor can anyone share one’s grief.


One is the daughters of this country, who are grabbed by lusty eyes. In the era of technology, she also wants to fly. She also wants to fly freely. But Hawkishness is ready to gnaw at them.

Whether it is a city or a village, the situation is the same in both places. Everyone is considering them as their property. Even if you have become Liberal. You raise your daughter like an angel. You work for day and night to accomplish her dreams. Don’t know who will crush your dreams in a second.

The question arises as to who is responsible for all this. What government? Police ?, Girls? society ? Law ? All can burst on top of each other.


It is true that after the incident, the police delay the speedy proceedings and avoid registering the case as far as possible. Either some pressure from a minister, MLA or the media may come. What to do those people who have no access Well, this happened after the incident happened.

Does the police or the administration have any such mechanism that lets the criminal’s mind know before the incident happens? Can the fear of the police prevent such incidents from happening? Is the current law inadequate?

The ruckus that occurred on the incident of Hathras is well known. There have been some mistakes after the incident from the administration. But the incident did not happen. Can she be reversed? There was also an attempt to bake political loaves. Everyone saw the gimmick of the big royal house of the country. Everyone has seen how much the sputum of coming to Uttar Pradesh politics. They are preparing ground for U.P. upcoming election.

The Government

Certainly the answer is that of the ruling party. Because the responsibility of running the government and the law and order has been entrusted to them by the public. At least we could not stop the incident, trying to smuggle the latter is embarrassing.

Now it is the responsibility of the government to provide justice to that daughter. But the unfortunate fact is that the human rights contractors who protect even such criminals stand up. We come down the streets with a candle, pleading for justice. Although the judicial process of the country is very sluggish. Lack of will power can lead to some more compelling coercion.

Why do such incidents happen? Does the criminal not know what the outcome will be? Do the government or police create such Criminals? Is there not a law in the country for theft, murder or cheating? Are these crimes still not? The truth is that the criminal does not think about the consequences before committing the crime. It takes time to create that mind set. And anyone can be their victim.

Law and Justice

A similar heinous incident took place in Hyderabad this year. In which the woman was burnt after being raped. The culprits were later killed by the police in an encounter. After that, we have also seen those who cry for human rights.

In Nirbhaya’s case, the culprits were sentenced to death after a huge uproar. Is there an example set for anyone? Hundreds of incidents are happening daily, is the soul of a rapist shivering?


Rape is a felony in which the girl or her family members are still hurt by rape. One has to go through vulgar procedures like reproach, mental harassment, question answering, medical examination. And the biggest thing is that the stigma has to be carried throughout life.

Fabrication of Mindset of a Rapist

From where is the crop of these criminals and rapists ready? How is this mind set being prepared? What are the factors behind this? Are these professionals criminal? Is this a mental illness? If yes, what is the root behind this disease? Intellectuals, social organizations, administrative officials need to come to this platform on one platform to think and take comprehensive steps.

to be continue….