Hacked Life,
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We all are living a hacked life. Life has hacked by technology. It can not be denied that technology and communication revolution has made our life easy. But besides using the technology for our need, we have surrendered our life to technology. We have reached the stage of addiction.

Life cannot be a hostage to anything. Do not make it addicted to anything. Do not tie it in taboos. Let it be free and cool.

You all will have experienced this during the lockdown. I have experienced two things during the lockdown. Very fewer people have given a maximum of time to themselves. They consumed their time for fitness. They decided to do something creative work or devoted their time for their fitness..

The maximum of people passed their valuable time in sleeping. Spent their time playing mobile games, and watching irritating News. Killed their time on social media. watching Tik Tok. After all, become frustrated with lockdown and became stressed.

Loss of productivity

When you read a book, your brain transforms that story into something tangible. You see visual simultaneously. All characters are embodied by the mind. This increases the creativity of your brain. A new neuron cell is born.

On the contrary, you see the story made on your phone. Meaning the work of the brain decreases considerably. The brain has less creative ability. The new neuron cell works and you become a dumbbell.

Living in Virtual World

We are all living in a virtual world. All technologies have been reduced to mobile phones. Science has progressed, good thing. But too much use of technology affects our lives. And its results have started coming.

I read that Bill Gates has a special contribution to the computer revolution. Mobile phone is allowed for limited time in his house. No one can use smart phones or technological gadgets after a specified time.

Our Children are living is virtual world. They think that this is the reality. They think that everything is very easy. Everything goes like this. When parents are unable to fulfill their wishes, they often take fatal steps. This is impairing their ability to struggle in life. They break soon.


Tik Tok, Pub G and another mobile app have become an addiction. A new generation has become accustomed. They cannot live without it. He has got the habit of checking these apps again and again.

The public park in my city has become a mini-movie studio. A large SLR camera in Tiktok and a hundred boys and girls in another social media shoot. It has given such a useless thing in his hand. They are doing monkey-like activity. Everyone wants to be famous for doing nothing. Those who are engaged to watch such videos for hours are the most foolish and kill their productive time.

Although, after CORONA, Chinese Apps has been Banned in India, In Noida, India, a boy has committed suicide because he was not getting likes on his Tiktok video. Such an app has given a handheld device to be famous in the world. They are ready to do any kind of cheap and degrading activity to become famous in a nutshell. It is an addiction. Most of the tiktok videos are derogatory and very cheap which is affecting the mentality of the new generation. They are living in a virtual world. This is a dangerous situation.

Mental Stress

We have reached the maximum level of mantle stress. And have considered it as a normal life. I find every other person suffering from some mental or other mental problem. Stay away from your electronic devices for a day. You will get a clap again and again and you will try to find your gadgets. This is just like an addict looking for a drug. However, you will definitely feel some changes in your body.

Fall in human values

Since the last decade, the mobile revolution has come. We have become quite reserved. Cohesion in families is reduced. As people in the family used to chat or talk among themselves, there has been an unprecedented decline. People have become irritable, and are unable to tolerate each other.

Moral and character value has decreased in people. Society is moving towards moral decay. Everyone has a phone for fun. Where everything is available Where else is needed?

Soon we will move towards a great depression. An electronic device cannot replace a human need. Sooner or later we will feel hacked and human values will be established.

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