Miracle Medicine for Covid-19

(Post written to save and serve the humanity)

Desi decoction for covid-19,
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Note : This is not a promotional BLOG. Believe it and forward in service of humanity.

Not only India, Corona wreaked havoc all over the world. In India, the second wave of Corona has collapsed the entire health system. Dead Bodies is being shed in rivers. The vaccine is not being supplied. People are getting infected even after getting vaccinated.

Amidst all this, a man who had been claiming to cure Corona patients with his decoction since the time of the first wave. People rely more on expensive medicines or vaccines, even if they sell everything in return.

The true story

One of my relative, a young man who was about 35 years old professionally drive own taxi. He was badly infected with Corona. Those people inadvertently considered it as a normal fever. When the condition worsened, he was admitted to Meerut, Subharti Hospital and soon he died.

It was a great shock to that family. His father is a monk. Have left the house. He is left behind by his mother, wife and daughter. The younger brother is a teacher in Delhi and lives with his family.

As soon as the family attended the funeral, their whole family got infected. The health department also pasted a banner outside their home.

Slowly everyone’s treatment of Covid-19 started at home. Where the rest of the people were recovering. His mother’s health was constantly falling. He went to several hospitals in the nearby city of Meerut, but everyone refused to admit him. Oxygen support was needed. The doctors said that she couldn’t be cured and advised him to serve at home.

They were disappointed. There was no hope of escape. At home, They started the treatment of homoeopathy doctor. They considered him a guest of only two or three days.

Meanwhile, I called her younger son. He told me that his mother was only a guest for a day or two. I got restless. I should do something. My attention went to the man’s phone number on WhatsApp. It was night time. I immediately called him.

They asked me about the patient’s condition. He claimed that his decoction would cure him 100%. Its recovery rate is 100%. He also claimed that it could take the patient off the ventilator in three days and urged me to take it.

He lives in Delhi. His house was just 6 kilometres from me. I told him that I will come early tomorrow morning. He said that your patient is serious and you are talking about coming in the morning. If you come now, this medicine will do a lot of work at night. I said, it is locked down in Delhi. Maybe the police do not allow to go there.

Then I thought let’s be seen. I started the car and drived towards Delhi.

I was at his house at ten o’clock. I took three bottles of decoction. Two for her and one for himself.

I had to travel 110 kilometres to get medicine to the patient. They live in village Pinna in Muzaffar Nagar. I decided to leave early in the morning.

Although I was scared. Two things were spinning in my mind. First, I should not get infected by going there. Secondly, if she could not survive the misfortune, I can be held responsible for it. At the insistence of my wife, whatever the outcome, I decided to go forward.

I woke up early in the morning. And after 2 hours I was at their Home. There was silence in the village. His ascetic husband was sitting on a Cot outside in ocher robes. The lines of concern were clearly visible in his face. He was seeming mentally distracted and helpless. He had lost a young son a week earlier. His wife was lying in a side room in very critical condition. Whose critical condition was clearly visible.

I could not muster the courage to go to her and see. He thanked me for coming. All relatives had made the distance. I encouraged him and urged him to give half a cup of the decoction immediately. He wrapped his mouth with a cloth and taking a cup of decoction and entered the room. I quickly returned back due to fear of infection.

Now the line of worry had come on my face. I was a bit nervous till evening. I decided to take feedback after 24 hours.

The decoctioner was calling me again and again. He had tremendous faith in his decoction. He was repeatedly calling me to know about the patient. I finally called in the village. The news was delightful.

They told me that there seems to be some hope of survival. I decided to find out again after 12 hours. After passing more 12 hours, she started expressing her desire to eat food. They told me that the medicine is working miraculously.

Today, 11–5–2021, is the third day of giving them medicine. I have not called since this morning. I was just thinking about them meanwhile I got a call from her younger and only left son that the decoction you gave him is tremendous. Today his mother got up and started drinking water herself. He thanked me and not getting word to thank for saving her mother’s life. He said that it is only two days of medicine left. He prayed to arrange more medicine.

This was my own experience with this drug. The people who came to know about it, are storing for their emergency. Definetly it is 100% working.

The Man behind the Medicine

Krishna Pal Kataria Ji Resident of Brajpuri, Delhi, India is giving this medicine. It is a desi medicine. According to him, 15 years ago, a monk told him the method of making this medicine. He has given this medicine to thousands of people. Till now I too considered this medicine false. But now I can say along with the claim that this medicine is 100 percent successful.

People are not able to save their people even after spending millions of rupees. One litre of medicine can cure two serious patients. All The people are requested to contact Krishna Pal Kataria ji instead of rushing to hospitals and save his patient from death as soon as possible.

He is a very simple countryman. In the first wave of Corona, he distributed this medicine for free. In order to raise the cost incurred in making it, He has set a small price for it this time.

Oxygen cylinders have been rigged. People are ready to pay expensive prices for ramdesivir. Hospitals are charging a high amount. Despite all this, what is the condition of the patients is well known.

At the first dose, it starts increasing the oxygen level and do a very fast recovery in the patient.

The purpose for writing this post is to serve humanity so that more and more lives could be saved.

Phone Number: 98104 32310

Anyone may write in comment box or email on sushaan2014@gmail.com

Degaindra Kumar

I am a System analyst and has worked with many Universities. I am a Positive thinker, motivator, Blogger and has been engaged with various Spiritual Institutions. I am less religious but believes in spirituality. I have greate interest in Political and Technological subjects.

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7 Responses

  1. Delighted to hear the natural medicine you talk about is working. Can you tell me what herbs are in the medicine? As a natural health practitioner I’ve been advising coconut oil to ward off getting infected -just rub some in the nostrils with a cotton bud and smear some on the lips. These are the two areas most likely to pick up an infection.

  2. D K Baliyan says:

    Sir, it is pure Ayurvedic blessed by a monk, I am not interested in its manufacture but I confirm on the basis of my experience that it is working 100% and recovers fast. It is not made by any chemical process. So there is no chance of side effect. People in India have started consuming it to whoever is getting to know about it. And it is 100% true

    • DK,
      Please keep us informed as to how this natural cure is being received by your fellow countrymen!
      Praying God’s richest blessings on your country and it’s citizens. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’•

  3. Alisa says:

    I am praying mightily for you, your family and your country.

  4. Thanks for sharing this story it gives me hope and saddens me at the same time due to the number of lives lost unnecessarily…

  5. ponzoblogs says:

    Really relateble I just started my own travel blog and then covid hit and I could not travel anymore from my country. No travel planning for me at all… 😦

  6. This story is soooo touching and awesome!!! I literally felt goosebumps reading it!! Thank you for sharing this. COVID has really done a great harm to humanity. I have also shared my own thoughts on COVID


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