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The whole world is struggling with Covid. Scientists are also warning of the dangers ahead. In the past too, the world has been experienced such epidemics. However, the vaccine has been developed, but this virus has made so many variants and in the coming time, it will create even more. So we need is to develop our own strong immunity.

Vitamin tablets are being consumed to fight Covid. Which is made through a chemical process in the laboratory. Certainly, it is not right for us to consume long. It is needed to take the vitamins we get from natural resources.

We eat food containing pesticides daily. In the last 20 years, pesticides have started to be used in such quantities in our crops, the side effects of which are clearly visible in the community. In India, 70 per cent of deaths are due to heart failure and multi-organ failure. This is very much in North India.

In the past 1 month, a maximum of 30–50 years of age group has died from organ failure. Organic farming has increased in India for some time. But still, a lot of awareness is needed.

In India, the state of Punjab is considered to be the most advanced in terms of farming. Pesticides were first practised here. The result of which is beginning to be known as cancer. Punjab has the highest number of cancer patients. A train running from Ludhiana to Delhi has been named Cancer Train because every other patient in it is of cancer. The situation is not right. It is definitely changing our DNA and will impact to forthcoming generations.

Finally, the conclusion is that there is a need to consume such a natural supplement in our daily diet which may boost our immunity and could save us from the bad effect of viruses, bacteria and poisons we are consuming. There is such plant which has all these properties which could sufficiently supply of all kind of vitamins, minerals and amino acids and antioxidants.

Moringa Oleifera

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Moringa is native to India and it is also found in some African countries. It is also known as Drumstick Tree. There is no enough awareness in North India about it. It is consumed in South India in so many forms. They use it in Sambher (A worldwide famous dish of South India). It is a plant that has 92 ingredients in it. It is used from root to nut. It’s every part is edible.

It is very rich in antioxidants and bio-active compounds. It is found very much health benefits by scientists. It can be cultivated at home also in a pot. If you want to cultivate it at your farm, could be very beneficial economically also. It is being used in various Ayurvedic medicine and gives a very good return to the farmers.

How to Consume Moringa

Moringa can be consumed in many forms. You can make powder of its dry leaves and mix it in your daily meal, dissolve it in water, drink or mix it with honey. It is natural superrich multivitamin. Everyone should consume it 5-10 grams daily.

It is very beneficial to drink green leaves juice.

Different types of vegetables are made from Moringa pods well known as Drumstick. It is rich in fiber and protein.

Moringa seed oil is available in the market in ready form. Which has innumerable benefits.

Nutrients found in Moringa

Moringa is super rich in nutrients. As per Ayurveda, Moringa can cure 300 of diseases. Mainly It’s Leaf and Pod are very beneficial.

Moringa Contains 92 types of nutrients, minerals, Vitamins, ketones, acids, alkaloids and flavonoids.

  • Calcium: Moringa contains more calcium found in the milk. 100 grams Leaf powder contains 2500 milligrams of Calcium.
  • Vitamin C: Moringa is rich in vitamin C, which is 5 times that of lemon.
  • Vitamin A,E
  • Protein: 100 grams Leaf powder contains 25grams of Protein.
  • Calories: 375
  • Fat: Zero grams (It is known as a fat cutter as it does not contains Fat)
  • Carbohydrate: 100grams powder contains 50Grams Carbohydrates
  • Fibre: Moringa Pods or Drumsticks are super sources of Fiber. 100Grams Leaves contains 25grams of Fiber.
  • Vitamin B1,B2,B3,B6,B12 & D
  • Magnesium
  • Amino Acids: Moringa leaf extract has 15 kinds of amino acids, i.e. threonine, lysine, leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, valine, methionine, tryptophan while non-essential amino acids include histidine.
  • Potassium
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Antioxidants: Moringa contains high levels of antioxidants that might aid toxicity levels in the body.
  • Anti-inflammatory: It contains 36 Anti Inflammatory agents.

Health Benefits of Moringa

Heart Decease

Moringa seed and leaves powder are very beneficial for the heart. It reduces the cholesterol level and protects the heart against the risk of heart deceases. It controls high blood pressure and helps to reduce obesity and overweight.


Moringa leaves contain an anti-inflammatory compound named isothiocyanates and niazimicin which protects from the development of cancer cells. Due to an unhealthy and poisoned diet, we suffer from inflammation which is the root cause for arthritis, Lever toxicity and chronic health issues. Consuming Moringa leaves is good to reduce inflammation.


Moringa contains the high level of antioxidants which helps to remove toxicity in Kidneys. It keeps kidneys healthy and less the chances of developing stones in gal-bladder, kidneys and liver.


Moringa is very helpful to cure depression, anxiety and fatigue.

High Blood Pressure

Moringa is high in Magnesium, potassium, vitamins and other nutrients. Potassium is responsible for reducing excess sodium in our bodies and prevents high blood pressure.


Moringa is super rich in Calcium and phosphorous which is responsible for bone health. It is very beneficial for bone disease due to its anti-inflammatory properties..


Today, The Diabetes is a serious health problem. Moringa Oleifera may help to reduce blood sugar level. this plant has a compound named  isothiocyanates that may reduce sugar lever up to 20%.


Moringa leaves contain some bio-active and anti-cancer compounds i.e. eugenol, niazimicin, and isopropyl isothiocyanate. These compounds help to kill and prevent from the development of new cancer cells.


Moringa has a high level of Iron which removes fatigue and increase blood cells in your body. It helps in absorbing Iron from Foods. It increases the Energy level of your Body.


Moringa leaves detoxify the liver. It increases the protein level in the Liver. It has a high concentration of polyphenols that protect the liver from oxidative damage.

Skin & Hair

Moringa is rich in antioxidant and nutrients. It is an effective supplement for the health of hair and skin. It is a good source of protein. It is anti-ageing and cures skin cells, dark circles, acne, age lines. It tones to the skin and gives a glow. Moringa seed oil is very beneficial for skin and hair. It removes dandruff and makes them healthy.


Moringa is super rich in Vitamin C and 18 types of amino acids which are responsible for building muscles and regulating immune functions. Our body can not make amino acids that we need to obtain from the diet. Amino acids are responsible to keep our skin healthy and young. There are such 9 amino acids that regulate our bodies major functions found in Moringa.


Moringa leaves have antibiotic and antimicrobial properties which work against digestive disorders. It has a high amount of Vitamins B* helps in improving the digestion system. If someone regularly suffers from Constipation, Gastric problem or colitis should consume it regularly.

Respiratory System

A half Spoon mixed with honey taken twice in a day helps to cure Asthma and lungs Decease.

Moringa is a very good natural source of Nutrients. It is a great supplement to be included in our daily diet. But excess use of moringa extract could be harmful. It should not be consumed more than 1/2 teaspoon at a time.

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