I was an atheist since childhood. But I used to believe that there is something that is driving the world. Despite being a Hindu, I did not have enough faith in traditional rituals. Everyone passes through different phases of life. I came to know that how our religious rituals apply principles of mind science. I would like to share my life’s story in very short.

I never liked the job of others. I wanted to be a job giver and I became. By taking the license of the telephone exchange in Delhi, I set up my telephone exchanges. I was in a good position in my career in 2004. As soon as I got married, something very sad happened in my life. one after the other incidents took place. There was no opportunity to handle and not understand. Everything was ruined. I was Harem to the floor. Now I was not alone, we were two. Family members were disconnected from me. The family was making fun of me. My Father, if I need any help, was asking me to return to the village. I was isolated for five years.

I did not want to give up. Now a daughter was born to me. Responsibilities were increased. On the other hand, something had to be sold every month for survival. A leg was fractured in a road accident. But there was no money for plaster. I called a friend to carry to the doctor. I told the doctor to let my leg remain like this and requested to give some pills to control pain. I will get cured it myself. And I returned home. I took a wooden crack and asked my wife to tie it under my leg. It was winter. I Rested on the terrace for 3 months. I felt power of the mind for the first time. I get cured. It was 2008. Instead of seeing a silver lining, something was happening every day.

There came a time, my wife was suffering from a lot of stomach ache and I was not able to arrange even the bread for a time. I was not able to arrange milk for my daughter. One night her ear was hurting and I could not bring medicines for her. She kept on crying through the night. The cooking gas was exhausted. We were cooking food by burning newspapers in a brick stove. This was the saddest and macabre time for me. And I had no other way than to send my wife to her parents.

After a few days, I got a call from her maiden that Asha’s (my wife) Tube has exploded. And has been admitted for operation in the hospital. I was so sad that day. I tore my shirt and roar cried. I’ve never cried so much in my entire life. I was feeling completely alone in the world. I was badly broken but I did not want to give up.

Now 2009 had come. And it was still going on. What happened in the meantime? I can’t write here. During this time, I found a book written by a world-famous psychologist and mind science expert in which I read about the subject of Mind Science. I started taking his principles in my life. Mind science helped me to overcome in my life magically.

Within a few months, life started turning. It seemed that maybe now life will probably come back on track. During this time we joined a spiritual organization. And got a chance to know the theory of mind science and spirituality.

I am not the only person in the world going through such situations. Crores of people go through and are passing through such situations. My motive is to make people aware of the principles of Mind Science. All can make their life healthy and prosperous.

Let’s Make life happier

Thank you

D K Baliyan

(I am a Software Developer, Blogger and motivator. I believe in Spirituality and in service of goodness.)

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