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Life Waves

Life is full of ups and downs. We all have our own story. Many times we feel that our life is scripted and we are only its characters. We are all playing our character. There are some unimaginable incidents in our life which become a story in themselves.

In Life Waves series, we publishes similar true stories. If you have a story related to your life, send it to

Life with Koyo Moyo

Koyo and Moyo are very cute. They have become a part of our life. We have become more protective, more emotional, towards them. Our children have become our partners and Koyo Moyo as our children. This association is sometimes intimidating.

This is an emotional journey. Never even loved my children so much. I want to take this journey on paper. So I want to make it a part of my blog

Let’s first introduce you to the real-life characters of this story. Anvesha, my 15-year-old daughter. Who is going to take the 10th board exam this time. He is very fond of nature as his mother. Whether it is a dog, cat, cow, buffalo, buffalo child, or any animal, She has a hobby of naming them. When she calls them with their names, they respond. reacts.

Asha, this is my Wife. If you want to give her a gift, then give her a plant. Her expenditure or demand is very less. She has an unwavering love for nature. And only God trusts the most in the world. She is highly passionate about plants and animals. She keeps her plants like her own child. Speaks to her heart with them.

The actress, Madam is quite different. She does a lot of acting. She is very talkative. She is very naive, but she does not show that much. That is why Anvesha named her an actress. This whole day almost lies outside the door of our house. And the mat of the door, which is slightly rough, erases its itch. If you are full of stomachs, otherwise you can show milk acting by sitting in the door and show your desire for milk. The tantrums are so much that Madam needs only fresh buffalo milk. It sniffs the packet of milk and leaves it. Yes, this is a cute cat. Which is also the villain of this story.

comming soon….

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